What is so BLEEPING offensive?
An in depth look at what offends us and why we get offended.
What is offensive is purely subjective yet it is a performer's job to try and figure out what a particular group of people might be offended by. Moreover, what is offensive is constantly changing. What was not offensive 50 years ago like black face is highly offensive now. The context of how a word is used can often determine whether people are offended by it or not. The person saying something that could potentially be offensive often determines if people were offended or if they laughed and enjoyed the material.

The company we are in often determines whether somebody will laugh at something that could be offensive or whether they will get up and remove themselves from the situation altogether. The way people react to offensive material has changed over the years. More and more audiences are voicing their displeasure with certain presented materials and interrupting performances to express this displeasure. I have developed a multi-media, interactive presentation that is both fun and informative.

The goal is not to tell people what is offensive. Instead, I help people figure out for themselves why they are offended by something and see why other people may not be offended by the same material. I will take people on a journey via video clips of some of the great performers as well as some lesser known performers as well as my own personal stories and experiences and let them discover how so much has changed in how we view the world in such a short amount of time.

This presentation will change how people think and how they react to potentially offensive situations. It is perfect for high school and college students, social groups like Elks and Moose lodges, religious groups like Jewish Community Centers and Knights of Columbus, Chambers of Commerce, and even cruise ships. If you are looking for a presentation to change how you look at the rapidly changing world around you then
"What is so BLEEPING Offensive?" is the presentation you need!