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My long time band Rotgut played last night, we played all cover tunes and no originals. Gone are the days of the full show and everybody in our out fits (except for me because I cannot play live in this band if I’m not in a dress). We were not the headliners and we did not have the luxury of the gig being plugged on a prime time radio show for a month, and nobody in the audience really knew who we were.

This was our fourth gig in five years since the band reconvened after a ten year break.
We always enjoy playing but we all had a great time playing this gig as there was no stress and you could feel the vibe on stage that we just had a blast just cranking out tunes and having fun.
Just enjoy what you are doing and have fun. As Viv the keyboard player in Spinal Tap would say “ have a good time all the time”.

Later that night over beers at the compound Anthony Cumia and I were talking and commenting how we are still doing the same stuff we did at eighteen. Obviously one of us has been more successful at it and it aint me, but the bottom line is what I said at the top, it’s about the fun ,and how you love what you’re doing and what you feel your meant to be doing. Earlier in the day I was in the studio with my other band Fragile Sky laying down the beginning tracks to our new project and it is just so cool to spending the day making music with these two amazing bands.

Davin, our friend Chip and I are writing a series based on my life, we embellish a lot of it as it is a dramatic Comedy or Dramedy. In the show I’m essentially playing in a band, a standup comic, and do a radio show. My character on the show wants to make it at any cost. As I review the script I am driven but I am not as frustrated as the character in the show because at this point of the game I realize things may not happen in my career as a comic or musician but the thing is I’m enjoying the ride.

 Have I sacrificed things for this business? Yes since I was sixteen every decision I have made is how it would affect the band or comedy. But as Anthony and I discussed, we stuck to our guns and as two gentlemen in their fifties we are still doing what we love while people of our age have given up on their dreams and go to work, come home, watch TV and go to bed.

Even though I still have to go to the day program, at five my day does not end I’m out almost every night at a band rehearsal, at the radio show, gig, or writing meeting and I would not trade it for the world. As I say it’s a life style and there is no other place I want to be on weekend than a comedy or rock club.

So do what you love and don’t stop if it feeds your heart and soul. And maybe at the next  Rotgut show maybe I will give myself a break and not wear a dress, sorry no can do.


The Jersey Shore - By Davin Rosenblatt

I was born in Jersey. I grew up in Jersey. I live in New York. I miss Jersey.  New Jersey has wonderful beaches though if you are from New Jersey it is not the beach. You are going down the shore. At least that is how everybody I know refers to the Jersey beaches.  A lot of people probably associate the Jersey shore with the show Jersey Shore.  The Jersey Shore certainly gave one aspect of our beach life.

If you are young then yes the New Jersey beaches offer a lot of nightlife and debauchery. Though I have never been kicked out of night clubs or peed behind the bar like cast mates of the show I do know the night life is full of energy. There are dance clubs, rock clubs, comedy clubs, and boardwalks.  All cranking out loud sounds and beckoning your attention. Flashing lights, high hair, loud Jersey accents; it is all very distinctive. It is all Jersey.

The food…oh the food. The Jersey Shore of my youth had huge $1 pizza slices which were delicious. I would drive a couple of hours just to get the slice. Gas and tolls were cheaper then and I didn’t mind the drive. The grease oozing down my chin. Yum. There is also frozen custard, the best salt water taffy, cheese fries, zeppoles, and for seafood loves fried clam strips.  If you know people from Jersey then you know they love food.  Now you can travel and find some of these features at other beaches but not in so much quantity. Not so unapologetically beckoning you to indulge while you are in your swim wear. Jersey tells you, that you worked hard to fit into that bikini but now you are at the beach so you need a freshly squeezed lemonade with half a lemon in it and some fried food. The food is like the people. In your face and dares you to ignore it.

The beaches…I have to be honest, I have been to a lot more pleasant beaches than the Jersey shore. Beaches with softer sand, cheaper parking, warmer water, cheaper beaches, clearer water, and gentler waves.  Our sand is like the people a bit coarse and rough. Like the people our sand is weathered and a little sharp.  It is not that soft powdery stuff of the Bahamas. The sand like the people of Jersey will not be ignored.  The parking is expensive. Jersey is expensive and the powers that be figure you have been eating fried food and cold drinks that a little cardio every few hours to run to the meter will do you some good. Bring quarters. Lots and lots of quarters for those ever present parking meters.   New Jersey is not a tropical state. We get a few months of summer and that’s it. Our water temperatures never seem to understand that come June we are ready for warm water.  Our water is nice and warm in September when everybody goes back to school. Maybe our water has a Jersey sense of humor.  Jersey charges to get onto the beach. I must admit this annoys me. It is a natural resource and should be open to everybody. It does seem wrong to pay for what was once free.  In more tropical locales the water is so clear you can see your feet and what lurks below.  That is a bit comforting. The Jersey shore offers no such comfort.  If you want to come into its water you will have to take it on faith that your feet are still below you and that nothing more dangerous lurks under you.  The water is not crystal blue. It is green from the seaweed.  Crystal blue and clear is so predictable. You can get that anywhere. No the Shore like the people who live there are never quite what you expect. Just when you expect to receive the Jersey state bird you will get a hug and just when you think you are cool with somebody they will rip into you. And oh that Jersey sarcasm.  Are they being nasty or just joking? Who knows for sure? Kind of like our shore water. You know it is water but everything else is up to chance.  Any beach will give you waves on a stormy day. Waves that leave you wondering which way is up. They will also give you calmness on a nice day.  The Jersey waves are a bit more ribald. Even on a nice day they may take you for a tumble.  Much like the people in Jersey you are free to enjoy their company but don’t for one minute get too comfortable and forget who you are dealing with. Before you know it a surge of green water might sneak up on you and dunk your head. The shore’s waves are fun but they are to be respected.  This is not the calm lapping waves of Bermuda after all.

There are places where the locals depend on being more than kind because you are their income.  In Jersey the locals have a name for the people who flock to the Shore…Bennys.  Bennys in their eyes are a nuisance even though they sustain the local economy. They can’t wait for you to leave and give them back what they think is theirs.  This does not change even if you are yourself from the Garden State.  You are still a tourist to them.

I have travelled the world and been to many beaches but none that has the life of the Shore.  It like its people is a rock and roll good time. There are better beaches for lazy days but if you are looking for a place where the food is fattening and delicious, the people are funny and sharp, the ocean is not a passive body of water but has just enough edge to keep you on your toes or knock you on your butt, and the sand is great for sand castles but will leave a mark if you decide to scrape along the bottom on your knees then the Jersey Shore is the place for you. It isn’t perfect but for me it is home.


Vacation Anxiety - Pip Helix (Davin's Den)

I don’t get excited about vacations until I am on the way, bags packed, tickets in hand. There is so much to do before I get to that point, I am an anxious mess until we get to the starting line. We don’t even have kids to worry about, but getting ready for a trip, particularly out of the country, is enough to make me drink.

There are the normal considerations – valid passports, airplane tickets, hotels, transportation.  These things are pretty easy now, since with the internet, there are companies falling all over each other to get you the best price.  And with the new options of places to stay, like Air BnB type rentals, it’s not like you are about to get into a situation with no rooms available.  In a pinch, someone’s aunt is renting out a spare bedroom somewhere.

It’s all the things that are peculiar to me and Mr. Helix that are issues.  For example, I have sleep apnea, which requires the use of a c-pap machine.  For those not in the know, it’s a machine that forces air into your nose, to keep your air passage from collapsing multiple times during the night.  Without this machine, I snore like a bear, and I kick my legs as I struggle for air while I sleep – a real treat for Mr. Helix.  Also, without it, I wake up feeling worse than I went to sleep, and tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times, sitting up at my desk at work, or the moment people stop speaking directly to me.  One time, pre-diagnosis and stone-cold sober, I fell asleep at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ (a little black box of a music venue) while Blue Cheer was testing out their possible decibel levels.  THIS is a problem.
Lugging “Pappy” around with me is something that at least the airlines recognize these days, and they let you bring medical devices along with your carry-on.  However, I have a little roller carry-one to keep Pappy in, and to all the other flyers giving me side-eye, it looks like I am slipping in an extra carry-on.  Also, c-paps seem to look very suspicious to airport screeners, and I have had to unpack and sometimes disassemble parts of it for the screeners to be satisfied that I am not carrying a bomb.

Also, I have the mistaken idea that problems that have been piling up anyway have to be dealt with before we leave.  Why I think takeoff is the deadline for everything that needs doing is beyond me, but there it is.  I get it into my head that I have to do all of the laundry, weed the garden, do paperwork that is already overdue, get in a tooth cleaning, etc., etc. Forget the fact that I have actual issues to deal with, like my brother being threatened by his insurance company every other day that he will be sent home from rehab before he is totally healed.  I don’t even know what I can do if that happens while we are away.  Also, the laptop responsible for planning our trip had a monitor freak-out, and only works when it is in the perfect position and then NEVER MOVED AGAIN.  I sent it out to be repaired, and was told that this model is too “vintage” to repair.  I bought it 5 years ago.  God, that makes me feel old.

There are so many things to juggle, and so little time before we leave, things are going to remain undone, some things will have to happen on the fly, and I hope that I don’t have a nervous breakdown before we even get to the airport.  But, should I get there, I hope to relax and have fun.  I’m just not there yet.



I got some sad news last week, the transmission in my Honda Element is starting to go and the heater is not working that great. To fix all that is wrong is going to run about thirty five hundred dollars, as my truck has over two hundred and fifty thousand miles it doesn’t make sense to keep it.

I am very upset as I love this truck and I have a big emotional connection to it. I did tell myself that I have to relax; it is a machine, and an inanimate object. I did think then, why do I or do people have a connection with their cars?

 I’m a car nut and I go to car shows, I buy car magazines, and the Velocity channel is constantly on at my house, but my truck is not a classic car or a collectable.

My Truck though is a big part of my life and with the schedule I run during the week is my other house. In some cases I have been in the truck more than in the house especially a year ago when I left the only place I ever lived, and a twenty five year relationship, that truck was the only sense of normalcy that I had, it also sits in the drive way of the new house which is one of the few connections to the old house that I have, except the rocks I stole, but that’s another story.

This truck was part of a lot of memories as well, road trips, some great gigs, some bad gigs, it was the vehicle I used to chase down a hit and run driver which resulted in the cops making a big drug bust. It was also a place where Joe’s girl and I have had many special times. It has been my partner during December   when I have my Santa shows and on many a Christmas Eve when people are home with their families that truck is taking me to them to help make some long time memories to them.

I was in that truck when I had a family crisis last year and for a two hour ride I needed to pray for the tools to try to resolve it while  that truck took me to that destination.

Last year that truck was what I was driving when had to go to my sister in laws funeral. I stopped in front of my in laws old house on the way, and while I was stopped, I realized that my in laws are gone, my sister in law is gone and my marriage is gone and this home represented a family who took me in six months after my mother died and made me part of their family for twenty five years, and now it’s all gone.

That truck was by my side that day at the Cemetery when I was talking to my wife and we were telling each other that we tried to save our marriage but its better if we part. I then had to leave my wife at the cemetery and then go meet Joe’s girl, the home inspector, and the real estate agents at the new house for the inspection. That truck was part of that day, the day when my old life and my new life crossed paths, where I said good bye and put closure on my old life and then two hours later was opening the door on my new life and that truck was there to help me cross the bridge from one to the other.
Yes Ellie, that’s her nickname, has been a dependable and loyal vehicle.  Finding her successor is not that easy.

Ellie is my second Element and the truck exactly fits my needs. Unfortunately Honda stopped building them in two thousand eleven and any used one is at least seven grand and has at least eighty thousand miles on it. The only truck that would be close to what I want is the Toyota FX-4 which is cool looking, and exactly what I want. The problem is that it’s still in the prototype stage and Toyota has not started building them yet. I saw it at the twenty seventeen auto show and again this year, so what is the wait??

I even told the people at the auto show I would but a deposit down now if they were going to build it.

As for right now Ellie still has some life to her and is chugging along. With the grace of god and a god mechanic she and I are going to get to that three hundred thousand mile marker before she calls it a day.



A friend of mine has a habit of getting into heated political debates on Facebook. I have gotten into debates with him. He is a good debater and he is very passionate. However, he can sometimes beat his point to death. It can be annoying sometimes. I just stop arguing when I have nothing more to say or I find myself becoming annoyed. Sometimes he continues posting. That is fine. I am done but he does not have to be.  The other day he got into a political debate and it turned ugly. Some things were misinterpreted as can happen online.  Next thing he knows this guy is threatening his life and bragging how he will be doing the world a favor by killing him. The guy says he has nothing to lose. He then shows my friend that he knows where he lives and his unlisted number. Now you can find these things fairly easily but it is very unnerving. Now the local authorities and the Feds are involved. Now he is in hiding and his family, quite rightly, is scared.  This all from an internet argument over politics.

I often see some on the right express glee over things that upset those on the left. They are not even weighing in on if they agree with the policy or law.  They are just thrilled that somebody with different political beliefs is angered or in distress.  These are Americans happy that other Americans are angered. Like if you don’t think exactly like them then they must be the enemy.  It seems like now many in our country are fueled by vengeance. Compromise is a sign of weakness and only total annihilation will make America great.

At some point you have to wonder who we are as a nation that we are willing to threaten, hurt, kill, fellow citizens over a difference of opinion.  At best politicians want to create a better society but just have different visions on how to get there. At worst they don’t care about the average citizen and are just in the position for power or treasure. In either case I don’t think it is worth threatening your fellow citizen. I don’t think it is right to think just because somebody does not agree with you that you wish them distress or worse.  I am passionate about politics. I consider myself informed. I get angry. For the most part I keep myself in check. What type of example am I setting for my child if I lose my shit over words?

I think society has a shorter fuse for those with different opinions because we tend to wall ourselves off into bubbles of people that think just like we do. They tell us how right we are. How bad they are. How they are hell bent on ruining America. And people buy into that and it fuels the hostility in a never ending cycle.

Leave your bubble. Meet your fellow citizens. Talk about your kids. Talk about music. Realize they are more like you than they are different from you. This world would be pretty boring if everybody was exactly like we were. Embrace the variety.


Bandwagon Hate - By Pip Helix (Davin's Den)

It seems that sometimes, the cool kids suddenly decide that something is no longer the "in" thing, and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  I'm not necessarily defending any of the offending items or fashions, but the  ostracism for wearing those looks, or owning those items confuses me.

Why, for example, did the mullet become such an object of derision?  It was an interesting haircut for it's time, and really no worse than some of the other suffering for fashion looks we have all done, but it seems to be a dividing line between the haves and the have-nots.
It seems like a not-so-subtle part of the unspoken class war in the United States.  When you have a lot of disposable income, you can cycle through things, clothes and looks as easy as breathing. When you are concerned about feeding your family, you can't worry if your sneakers aren't up to snuff, or how people may scoff at a hairdo that is "so last week".
Just typing that phrase kind of pissed me off. If you can afford to throw away perfectly good items because they are no longer in fashion, why not be happy for yourself instead of looking down your nose at those who can't just remodel a kitchen because someone decided that stainless steel was the only acceptable type of appliance?  Mark my words, by the way...stainless steel will one day be the avocado or harvest gold appliances of the future. And who cares? If it keeps the food cold, be happy.
The bandwagoneers, the keeping up with the Joneses folks, are the most vicious of them all. They love to point out supposed flaws in the style of those who either can't ot simply won't follow passing phases.  And isn't what they are saying, basically, ha ha, you have less money than me?  If you still have the much- maligned mullet, you don't have the money to be at the hairdresser or barber all the time, or worse, you aren't caught up in the game. How dare you not keep up with what the cool kids demand?

JURY DUTY - By Joe Currie (Davin's Den)

I was able to dodge the bullet for over eleven years, and then two months ago I got a questionnaire and then they got me,,, JURY DUTY uuch.

 When you get jury duty you have to go, if not the Sheriff will kindly bring you.
The first thing that any responsible citizen says when they get jury duty is “How do I get out of this shit”. The old strategy was to walk in and say you hate every one, which everybody used to do so they don’t buy that any more. The second tact that I would use is looking like I should be in front of a jury instead of in one.

I would sit there with a crazed blank look on my face and stare down the prosecutor and the defense attorney and after two hours and it would be “beat it stupid”, and I could go home as they don’t want me there.
I figured I would stroll in, pull old faithful and be back to the day program in no time. ,,,yeah well It’s fun to pretend.

I got called in for Grand Jury duty which is different from a trial jury .A  trial jury hears the case and the Grand Jury hears the evidence and then recommends to indict the case to go to trial.
The first day you sit in a big room, there is no interview they just need ninety two people. As luck would have it , there was exactly ninety two, Great now if my lottery numbers would work that well.

We are brought up into another room where they assign us all to the locations that we will serve at. I have been assigned to the Riverhead court which is way out on the island by the Hamptons. The good news its twenty minutes from my house, yaay, the bad news its now four hours from the show, and three hours from the band’s studio. I tried to make it to the show one night and got there at 8pm, as you know we start at 6:30, so the past couple of weeks I called in from my House, nice but not like being in the studio with Davin and Pip.
You may be saying several weeks how long are you on Jury duty for??? Twenty days, or as I say it TWENTY FUCKING DAYS !!!!! yeah, that’s right Grand Jury duty is twenty fucking days. I had to tell the day program to write me a note saying I’m an inspiration, how can people walk past the monument of me at work and go in knowing I’m not there, the company could go out of business. Apparently my boss was on Grand Jury Duty and knows that you ain’t going nowhere so they told me they will still pay me and enjoy. Very cool move on their part but here I am for twenty days.

When you are on Grand Jury duty you have to wait for the District Attorneys to bring in their cases,  that results in a lot of down time between cases which I use to my advantage to catch up on show stuff, day program stuff, and band stuff. I am actually writing this blog while I am sitting here waiting on a case. Twenty-two of us all sit here and the group of people I am with are actually very cool and we actually enjoy each other’s company. I never mentioned to them that I do a radio show, am a musician, and a comic. Thank god I never told them I’m a comic as all my jokes have fell flat.
My diet has also has seen better days as people bring in food and there is a lot of eating as well as indicting.

We heard a lot of cases; many involve drugs, drunk driving, robbery, and unfortunately child abuse. But when we indict these cases we do feel good that we are bringing these people to justice and they will feel the consequences of their actions.
The biggest problem I had was staying awake, the room is quiet and they have to read the law verbatim and it is enough to lull me asleep. I never got in trouble for it though the girl next to me did.

It is very tough being a comic and not being able to say anything while witnesses are being interviewed with the District attorneys asking the stupidest questions “how did it fell when he punched you repeatedly??? If felt great stupid what do you think. When the man pointed the gun at you what were you thinking?? Wow I don’t know, I was thinking about the laundry and not a slug coming through my chest.
One of the things I will not miss is going through security every morning and afternoon making sure I had no change in my pockets jacket off etc. Most of the guards were cool some treated you like you were the criminals. One of the funniest moments is when some police officers came in for testimony.

The security entrance has four to five court officers, they have guns, uniforms and are no nonsense all business, and when the police officers come in they see them and say “uh oh it’s the cops.
It’s most likely a “you had to be there moment” but for us that were there it was hysterical.

I can’t blame the court officers for their attitude; you have to see all the riff raff that comes through there. And by the way to some of the people that come to court, please come properly dressed, your not going on a rap video you’re going to court and unless snoop dog is the judge that day you may have a problem my schnizzle.  There was also the seventy-year-old Hippy dude with silver hair down to his ass in a tee shirt, wearing paisley leggings. I would of taken a photo and posted it, but taken photos in the court house is illegal, but it would have been worth the fine and jail time as nobody believes me when I tell them.
Even though it was twenty days it did go quick, and what did I learn during those twenty days? Drugs especially heroin is one of the evilest substances on earth, it destroys lives and was at the root of a lot of the cases we heard.

The last case we heard was a guy that was driving drunk with kids in the car which is a violation of Leandra’s law which if you are driving drunk or on drugs, (which he was both) and you have kids under seventeen in the car.it is now a felony. This guy was a piece of shit and there were sixteen counts against him. When the District attorney gave his name and info we noticed that he was born on the day we indicted him. After we had voted yes to true bill of indictment on all sixteen counts the District attorney asked if we had any questions, I said yeah, after you hand him the indictment tell him we said Happy Birthday. Justice served, now leave me alone for another eleven years.

THE THRILL OF THE NEW JOKE - By Davin Rosenblatt

For me one of the best things about performing stand up comedy is the thrill of the new joke.  I love the whole process. The little nugget of an idea that suddenly surfaces in my brain. The writing it down and expanding on some things and eliminating other things.  Trying to figure out where in my set I will put the new joke. Taking it to the stage and trying to remember it. Saying it differently than I wrote it. Working on how I will use my voice and body in the joke. Seeing how the audience reacts. If the audience responds badly will I cut the joke short or will I ride it out and go down with the ship or pull it out in the end?  If the joke fails what will I say to get the audience back on my side? How much more will I be able to create with the joke on stage than I could when I was writing it out? If it goes badly was there enough in the joke to give it another shot?

It is all quite a rush.  Many comedians stop writing once they get their 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes, etc. They figure well these jokes always work. The audience leaves happy. The people who hired me are happy. I’ll just keep doing these jokes. There certainly is a logic and a certainty to that approach. I think there is also a laziness to that approach.  In my mind once a comedian stops writing he stops being an artist on some level. He is merely reciting the same lines he always does. He knows exactly where the laughs go. He has decreased the element of danger in his act. Live comedy should have some degree of danger in it.

I never really understood how one could turn off the comedic creative juices forever.  I go through periods of time where I have a lot of new ideas for jokes and there are other times where it is hard to come up with anything new.  That is to be expected.  I know ways to stimulate my creative juices. I find if I read current events or visit different parts of the country or world I am inspired to create and comment on what I am seeing.  Then I store those little joke nuggets in my head eagerly anticipating the time I get to share it with an audience.  A new joke to me is like a flower waiting to bloom.  It lays dormant but then it bursts onto the scene for the world to examine and hopefully enjoy.  The audience’s laughter is the pollination process.  If they respond well it may encourage me to push further with the joke. Find new tangents. Take new chances. If after enough time the joke does not get a good reaction the chances are that joke will die on the vine.  I will conclude that I was wrong or I have not figured out how to do the joke…yet.  There may come a time when I can do the joke better so I may come back to it.

Many comedians are afraid of jokes not working; especially when they are getting paid.  Well you certainly can’t have too many jokes failing in a set but if you never tried jokes you would not have a set to begin with.  I guess my point is never let go of that thrill of creating.  The excitement of new material will help keep you sharp.  It will make audiences want to see you again as they know you will have new insights to share.  Creativity is an artist’s life line. Once it stops a little bit of us dies. 


Pounding His Exhaust System Chest - By Pip Helix (Davin's Den)

I was lying in bed the other evening, and listening to the quiet of the neighborhood being assaulted by the distant roar of a motorcycle.  I couldn’t help but wonder how loud that must be to the people nearby wherever he was zooming past.  BLaaaaaAAAAUM, BLUM BLUM BLUM BLUM BLUM.  Oh, good for you, motorcycle guy.  You are the loudest thing in the neighborhood.  Proud of yourself?  All puffed up with pride are we?

For those of you thinking that I am being unreasonable, and that they can’t help but be that loud, I offer up the party conversation I had years ago with a biker who actually reconfigured a thingamaggiger on his exhaust to be LOUDER than necessary.  I gathered from the tone of the conversation that I was supposed to be admiring of his ingenuity in fixing his whosywhatsis to BLAM louder than the normal Blam. 

I should back up to explain that at this time, one of my good friends was living with a biker guy, and this party was in their home, loaded with leather jackets and some illicit substances being consumed in the closed-door kitchen.  I had spent a number of evenings in the company of some of these folks, and most of them were friendly and rather protective towards me, but this was a larger group, there were people I’d never met before - and there was whiff of danger in the air.  I mostly contented myself with talking to the womenfolk at this gathering, until one woman who fancied herself a Janis Joplin clone began doing a greatest hits concert a cappella in the garden.

I ended up in conversation with the aforementioned noise-enthusiast, and things were very nice, until he mentioned his bike and how he had made “improvements” to it.  Had I felt braver about speaking my mind at that moment, I may have told him what I really thought of his “improvements”.  However, since the party was being hosted by my friend, and this person was one of their friends, I didn’t feel like I was allowed to tell Mr. Leather with Frightening Insignia that his selfish, oafish, guerilla-chest-pounding, dick-swinging modifications were not impressive to me.

In the suburbs, people are not impressed by street noises so loud that it wakes babies that were just put down for a nap, or so extra-loud that they suck the last few words of conversation out of the air with their decibel levels.  Dogs that start barking are not yelling, “Wow, that is so cool, dude!”  Women’s panties don’t spontaneously drop to the floor as they writhe in a frenzy of lust.   Everyone, except for a few weekend warriors, is thinking in unison, “What an ASSHOLE.”  And in the city, there is so much street noise that it just adds to the cacophonous stew, and the chest thumping is ignored by all.

Hey motor cycle dudes -  and especially YOU, mister “my bike goes to eleven” – we are not impressed.  Muffle that shit already.

LETS ROCK - By Joe Currie (Davin's Den)

As our fans know Davin, Pip and I are all big music fans, we have gone to concerts together and they have come to see my bands play too. Davin went to see Bonjovi this weekend and my band played this weekend as well.

I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with David Bryan the keyboard player in Bonjovi and his lovely wife at the comedy club several weeks ago. Dave is a great guy and as he is one my influences he was gracious enough to answer my questions about their songs and his keyboard rig.
As I was saying on the show, Dave and I are around the same age and both still jump behind our keyboard rigs and play with our bands. 

Here is the difference, he jumps on a private jet to play in front of eight thousand people in Brazil and I jump in my Honda Element and play in front of twenty five at Dingbatz in Jersey.

But the key thing is that playing in a band is an amazing experience and is radically different than stand up. In stand up it’s me alone and the focus is on me and I need to get a reaction every thirty seconds. In the band I am far from the focal point and only need to get a reaction every three to four minutes.

In stand up if the show starts at eight you arrive between seven-seven thirty and the latest you start may be eight fifteen.

In a band if your slot is at eight you show up at five thirty and then wait as the other band is sound checking, what about your sound check and setting up your gear?? Sorry doors are in five minutes and not enough time, you will have to put your stuff to the side and load your stuff onstage after the band before you is done during the show. We go on at eight right?? No man everything has been pushed back and you guys are going on at nine thirty now.

In stand up the only gear I have is my notorious little red bag for my notes, my recorder and my hack whistle. With the band two keyboards, a stand, an amp, a stand for the amp, my I pad, and my Big red bag. Plus the time to set up the gear.

If you play in a bar band you are the band for the night so you set up your stuff nice and easy before the gig and take it down nice and easy after the gig. When you’re in a rock club opening for a national act there are three opening bands and you are one of them. As soon as the band before you is done it is now survival of the fittest. You have to wait for the band that is done to break down their stuff so you can get your stuff up there and get set up and it never goes smoothly you are stepping over the other band and your own band mates and their stuff and you have move quick to get set up because if you take too long the club will cut your time and thus you have to cut songs from your set list. When you are done the process continues again.

Now, let’s talk about tickets sales; in comedy unless you are a headliner, the stress on selling tickets is really not on you. In both Comedy and Music the clubs do expect you to push the gig on social media and any other method you have, however in music you do a ticket deal. The headline act who was on MTV and where stars thirty years ago can’t fill a small club on a Friday night and that’s where you come in. the club will book you and tell you that you are required to move fifteen to twenty tickets from anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars apiece and if you don’t sell them in many cases you have to pay for what you can’t sell.

You take a gamble and sometimes you lose big time. Six years ago the band I was in opened up for Ace Frehley from Kiss it was a big ticket outlay but I agreed as Ace was an idol of my two guitar players and the gig was on a Friday and we figured we can move tickets. The original club closed overnight and the show was moved thirty miles away to a Sunday night and we lost our shirts.

So why do I do this?? Because it’s one of the things that I love and always wanted to do, with all the aggravating things there have been some incredible moments and I have not regretted having the band and then comedy regulate my life since I was sixteen.

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