Month: June 2012

What not to do on your Industry showcase

So the other night I had the privilege of being “industry” at a club in New York City.  I am industry because Side Splitting Productions hires comedians for clubs and private events.  In addition, with the radio show, you never know when somebody might catch your eye to be a character or recurring role.  I…

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Davin’s Den…the Gefilte Fish Aftermath

Hi Guys, I am going to try and post on here more often as I feel it is a good way for you to keep up with Davin’s Den the show and me as a comic when I am not on the air.  Feel free to comment or email a question. Anyway, as many of…

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Yuliana & Craig, The Story Begins!

June 2012, a Ghanaian scammer approached Davin using her picture. Click the images to zoom to the larger size. June/July 2012 A Ghanaian scammer approached Davin using her picture. July 14, 2012 Davin sends the following email to Yuliana Avalos (at the time she was going as Julie Love) Hi Julie, Somebody is attempting to…

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