Month: September 2012

The poetry of Dick Eldorado by Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

Half the fun of interacting with Mavis my scammer is that I keep baiting her that I will be into a lot of money soon.I then can have the best time dragging them-Her whatever along through the biggest collection of nonsense and shenanigans and they buy right in because they feel a big payoff is…

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…And Sometimes They Write Letters (The fallout of a hell gig).

Sometimes in comedy you do a show and you expect the client to give you rave reviews and to write the agency about how talented you are.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not.  Writing a few words can be quite laborious for some of us.  Sometimes you do a gig and you hope…

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A Camel Doesn’t Always Come with a Hump – Pip Helix (Davin’s Den)

I hope you have been listening to our shows in which Davin and Joe have been discussing their relationships with their African sweethearts .  The absurdities, the twists and turns, and the hilarious things that the guys have been writing (and are having written to them) keep me hanging on the edge of my seat. …

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