Month: January 2014

What I Learned Watching the Seahawk’s Richard Sherman Interview – By Davin

After the game in which the Seahawks beat the 49ers in part because Richard Sherman made a great play he had much to say.  First he got into the grill of the receiver he was covering all day and talked some smack.  For that he got a “bitch not now” hand smush to the face. …

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In the bad old days, Casper Milquetoast had nothing on me.  I was a complete doormat, being nice to everyone and expecting everyone to be nice back.  When they weren’t, I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, and became stunned into selective mutism.  I did not know what to do when people would react in…

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The Davin’s Den Crew Abuses the Lake Superior State University 2014 Banished Words One Last Time

PIP HELIX – POEM   Twas the night before Obamacare The healthpocalypse was lurking But all through the Twittersphere, Were selfies of Miley twerking That’s morally bankrupt, some of you might say But Mr. Moms everywhere would like to T-bone her one day She hashtagged her fan base Much to their glee Her tongue is…

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