Month: March 2015

The End of An Era – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

This year will mark a very big event in my life, as of this year I have lived in the same place for fifty years, that’s right a half century in one place. As I write this blog I am sitting in my office which has been my office for Nineteen years, thirty one years…

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No, No, You’re Doing It Wrong – By Pip Helix (Davin’s Den)

You’re straight, single and looking for love.  Well, I mean for longer than a couple of hours.  I understand your plight, and I’m here to tell you that it would be a lot easier to accomplish, if only you weren’t doing it wrong.  First, to you ladies:  Stop saying you want to find a nice…

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I Go 100 MPH But They Are In Park – Davin Rosenblatt

I have so many balls up in the air that I often feel manic.  I feel I can’t sit in one place.  I feel that if I am not doing something  I am falling behind.  Right now I am writing this blog but thinking is this the best use of my time.  Actually right now…

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