Month: June 2016

Go out and see it live! – By Davin Rosenblatt

For years comedy clubs have been giving away free tickets to shows. The feeling was people are not paying for comedy anymore so we will get them on the expensive  food and drinks.  It works, sometimes. The shows are not as good when the audience has not invested money to see the product but it…

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Stepping Out of the Toxic Nest – By Pip Helix (Davin’s Den)

As anyone who is my Facebook friend can tell, I have been battling with angst, despair, depression, and bewilderment with my job for quite some time.  I used to have an enviable job, with the greatest boss and co-workers, satisfying work and a sense of security.  That is, until my boss got a better job,…

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The Weight and The Wait is over – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

THE WEIGHT IS OVER” .In 2002 Al Rosenblum asked Camille Halpin and I to help him write a sitcom about weight loss. We would get together at Al’s house every Thursday and write. When Al was sick with Kidney disease we would write at the dialysis center. We were going to make this a reality…

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