Month: September 2018

CRITICAL THINKING – By Davin Rosenblatt

As long as I have been an adult I have always valued critical thinking.  I think it is why I went to law school.  I was never good with numbers so subjects like statistics were never attractive to me even though it is cold hard facts and there is no room for feeling or emotions. …

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THE VET – by Pip Helix (Davin’s Den)

I looked deeply into my cat’s eyes this morning, and told him how much I love him and that everything will be okay.  He was sitting in his cat carrier already, and was meowing his discontent. Having been to the vet twice recently for tests which assaulted his body and dignity, I’m sure he was…

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MAKING TRACKS – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

                                                              Since I was a kid, I would always dream of being in a recording studio making an album. For the past thirty years I have been, two albums and several EP’s and endless demo tapes. The first time I went into a recording studio was back in nineteen eighty eight, with Joe and Anthony…

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