A rose by any other name – By Pip Helix (Davin’s Den)

I think that by now, most of our listeners have realized that Pip Helix is not my given name, but a “stage name” that I use, mostly to keep my radio career separate from my day job.  I like my “real name”, and used to use it back in the days when I first met Davin while doing stand-up.  At the time, my day job didn’t have any problem with me performing, and there wasn’t such a possibility of it being considered a conflict of interest by some.  
Nowadays, however, my situation has changed, and I am actually playing with fire by having some very frank and non-p.c. conversations on the air!  While our whole show is based on being honest with our audience, there are a few things that I have to be mysterious about, in order to keep my day job.  For those instances of subterfuge, I apologize.  I know that our regular listeners will understand that in everything else, I am very real with you all.  It’s just the nightmare of someone googling me for professional reasons, and having the first thing that pops up being a video of me licking Joe’s foot, for instance…well, I don’t think I need to finish the sentence.  You understand.  
Another reason why I decided that I needed to change my name for broadcasting is that there is another broadcaster with the same exact name as me, and I just felt that would be confusing.  She got there first, so there is no reason for me to mess up her good name and reputation with the possibility of being confused with the “Name That Orgasm” game woman!  
Now, I have made the decision to change my “real” name. When I first got married a few years ago, my first marriage, I told Mr. Helix that I wanted to keep my maiden name.  He didn’t have an objection, and it made sense, at this later stage in life.  We weren’t/aren’t going to have children, so there wouldn’t be any of the last name confusion that happens with a lot of modern families.  It just felt right that we keep our names as is – at the time.  
As we come up on our fifth year of marriage, I have had a slight change of heart.  I still want to keep my last name, but I am changing my middle name to his last name.   So, for example, if you will accept for the sake of this blog that I am married to Jupiter Andromeda, and I have been known up to now as Pip Hydrox Helix, my new name will be Pip Andromeda Helix.  I see it as a way of incorporating his name with mine, and getting rid of my middle name, which I have long wanted to change.  Hydrox is my mother’s name, you see, and, well, I have issues.  So, I am just starting the complicated legal process of forever getting a new name. 
It will make no difference to most people whatsoever, but it will feel better to me.  And on some level, I think that it will bond me even more with my husband.  Sometimes, there is something to a name.

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