As soon as House Republicans passed a bill to block transgender girls from playing on female sports teams in K-12 or college, opponents started questioning how physicians would verify a minor’s biology.

They claim girls of all ages could be required to undergo full pelvic exams if an opposing team’s coach, player or parent questioned their sex.

Bill could require an internal exam

House Bill 151, also called the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” says if a participant’s sex is disputed, she must verify her sex with a physician in “only” the following ways.

An exam of her internal and external reproductive anatomy.

Her normal “endogenously produced levels of testosterone.”

An analysis of her genetic makeup.

After widespread outrage, the Ohio Senate GOP is killing the ‘genital inspection’ portion of a bill that would prohibit transgender girls and women from competing against cisgender girls and women.


The bill is right and fair for women who are biologically women. Regardless of how someone might identify you can not change what their physicality is. The simple fact is if you were born a man but you now identify as a woman you still have the physicality of a man and that does not change and you now have an unfair advantage to a biological woman.

This is not just an assumption, in many cases trans women are dominating sports at an alarming level. Think about the women that are competing against them, women who have dedicated their lives to sports to get a scholar ship and now are suddenly being shut out to somebody who is physically a man.

You can dedicate everything to compete but if someone has a physical superiority due to that fact they are physically a man is not fair, and it will defeat a women’s will to compete in these arenas.

The genital inspection of this bill is being deleted but why the outrage? A woman who wants to compete in sports must have a physical and medical clearance before they can play so the outrage is really not warranted.

The question is why are we catering to two percent of a population while damning the other ninety-eight from fairly competing? Trans women need to realize that if you want to choose a different gender you need to respect some biologic aspects of how you were born.

With a ruling of Roe versus Wade coming from the Supreme court, the argument there is a Women’s’ right to choose.  The argument here is just as warranted and is a woman’s right to compete.

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