About Davin Comedy

Davin has been entertaining audiences throughout the world for over 20 years.  His likable, yet confident, style leaves audiences wanting more of his unique perspective on current events, social issues, everyday life, and more.  “He is not your stereotypical mild-mannered Jewish comic.  He is bold, full of confidence, and in complete control of the audience and the stage,” raved one prominent New York comedy club manager.  He is always in tune with whatever is going on in the room and often deviates from the “script” and engages in off-the-cuff, unscripted comedy which makes every show a unique experience. Davin has experienced many things that his audiences have and a few that nobody should ever experience. Either way, his enthusiasm and love of the craft will leave everybody sharing in his life.

Davin’s versatility enables him to perform in a vast variety of venues.  He routinely works in destination resorts, private parties, major clubs, colleges, and corporate events.  It is the constant work in the kaleidoscope of venues that makes him the chameleon of comedy. You may have seen him performing at Broadway Comedy Club, NY; Greenwich Village Comedy Club, NY; Funny Business Comedy Clubs, various; Comedy Zone, various; Catch a Rising Star, various; Universities & colleges including Montclair State University, NJ; Cornell University, NY; Johnson & Wales University, RI; A few prestigious festivals including New York Underground Comedy Festival, and the Toyota Comedy Festival.  Davin has also gone to Iraq, Japan, Korea, & Kuwait to perform for our troops. 

Davin also excels in live radio and live television. He was featured on Comedy Central’s Fresh Faces of Comedy and The Uptown Comedy Lounge.  He hosts his own nationally syndicated radio show, Davin’s Den, which is currently carried by I Heart Radio and was syndicated in over 30 markets across the country.

When Davin was asked why he abandoned a promising career in the profession of law to pursue comedy full-time he remarked, “I’d rather make people laugh than cry.”  This former Romper Room star did not peak at age 4.  He is a rising star.  If you are looking for something completely captivating, Davin is your man.

Davin Rosenblatt is more than just a funny comedian. He is also a much sought-after expert in the ongoing international effort to thwart internet scammers and keep people safe online.  He initially became involved when a scammer from the Benin Republic attempted to scam him in a romance scam.  Davin suspected that something was not right and quickly researched romance scams and proceeded to scam the scammer back by wasting her time and resources while educating and entertaining his audience on his radio show Davin’s Den.

Davin continues to scam countless scammers and has even gotten several of them to go on video chats with them using their real identities and names.  This is extremely rare. 

Davin has infiltrated websites run by scammers for scammers to learn how they think, talk, operate, and ultimately scam innocent victims.  He shares what he learns with his audience.  He has gone toe to toe with some of Africa’s biggest scammers in order to learn how they operate and what lengths they will go to, to get victim’s money.  Scam victims at their wit’s end seek Davin and his radio show team to scare scammers and this has played out on the air and worked.  One of Davin’s Den’s greatest accomplishments was essentially ending a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Match.com by showing the lead plaintiff (Yuliana Avalos) was allegedly doing business with African scammers and allegedly scamming victims herself.  No other media source had the information which was gained by Davin’s own research and investigative reporting.

One of the main targets for identity theft and pictures used by scammers are US soldiers.  Davin’s work with the military as a comedian, bringing military issues to the forefront on his radio show, and his expertise on scamming has lead to his consulting with the US Army’s OPSEC team at the Pentagon.  Together Davin and OPSEC work to educate military personnel, military personnel’s families, and civilians alike.  Davin’s Den was asked for and delivered a Public Safety Announcement which was aimed at our military. Davin’s work for the military lead to him receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the 101st Airborne Division. Davin’s Den also has a consulting relationship with the Bergenfield Police Department as they work to educate the public.

Davin is very active on several anti-scam groups on Facebook which are used to educate the public and counsel victims.  Davin has been asked countless times by victims to prove that their scammers are indeed frauds.  Davin proves and trains the victims so they will not be fooled again.  In addition, Davin has counseled many victims as they come to terms with the reality that they have been scammed.

Davin’s ability to educate and research combined with his honesty and ability to entertain has made him a frequent guest on Sirius / XM’s Ward and Al Show, CNBC’s American Greed, Arise TV’s Arise and Shine, and the nationally syndicated television show, The Security Brief with Paul Viollis.  He gave technology reports on the nationally syndicated radio show, America’s Morning News. His investigative reporting has landed Davin and his show in publications throughout the world including the NY Post, the New York Daily News, the Miami New Times, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Davin is a unique combination of detailed researcher, prankster to those who would do evil, counselor to the emotionally distressed, advocate for justice, and consummate showman.

Cell Phone: 551-404-3094 | Email: davin@davincomedy.com