An American Airlines flight attendant said she was forbidden from wearing a face shield because it didn’t fit with the company’s “image standards” — and would make passengers uncomfortable, according to a report.

After a few flights wearing the PPE, Marie said her bosses told her the safety gear didn’t fit the carrier’s “image standards” and spooked the passengers, she said, adding that she was told she could take a leave if she felt unsafe.

Marie said that even though she felt intimidated, she continued wearing the shield until the airline last week issued a message that shields “could pose a safety hazard. American and other airlines have imposed a variety of safety measures, including requiring masks for flight attendants and passengers — but face shields, which protect the eyes, are not part of the plan.

“The FAA has not approved them for regular use onboard our aircraft, and the CDC does not recommend them,” the airline said. “No other US carriers permit flight attendants to wear face shields during regular flight operations.”

In a statement, the FAA said it “does not need to pre-approve the use of personal protective equipment by flight attendants if the equipment does not impede the ability to perform required safety tasks difficult for crew members to respond to an emergency,” the Globe reported.

The debate in this is image standard? or is it a safety standard? The airline says that the FFA has not approved them, but the FFA says it does not pre-approve equipment if it does not impede a flight attendant from performing their duties. But in another turn the CDC does not recommend them. And no other carriers permit their flight attendant to wear them.

Given the circumstances the flight attendant has the choice of abiding by Americans policy or taking the time off offered to her.

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