Yale’s campus newspaper is being criticized for censoring a pro-Israel columnist by removing what it called “unsubstantiated claims that Hamas raped women and beheaded men.”

The Yale Daily News last week cut out the reference from an Oct. 12 column by sophomore Sahar Tartak titled “Is Yalies4Palestine a hate group?”

In the past years on Davin’s Den, Davin has mentioned the rise of antisemitism in the country.

I have had the contention that it was numbers reconfigured by the FBI to meet a narrative by the far left.

In the light of the tragic events that happened on October 7th the rise of antisemitism is true but not from the usual suspects of the neo-Nazis and other hate groups but from the far left.

Besides the story above, we have seen pro Palestine marches on college campuses Jewish college students feeling threatened we are now seeing how some of these college professors have been indoctrinating their students.

In another instance Rutgers University briefly suspended — and then un-suspended — its Student Bar Association last week after the body attempted to impeach a Jewish member who complained about the organization sharing Hamas propaganda.

Yoel Ackerman, said on Oct 12 — just five days after Hamas massacred 1,200 Israeli civilians at a music festival — a Palestinian member of the Rutgers SBA shared a video in a group chat that denied Hamas’ atrocities and accused Israel of “staging” the slaughter.

When Ackerman later warned the Rutgers Jewish Law Students Association about the antisemitic SBA member in their midst, the school opened an investigation into Ackerman for “defamation and disorderly conduct.”

“My goal was just to go to law school. I thought I was going to a school that had world-class academia and professors and instead, I somehow found myself being witch-hunted because I’m Jewish,” Ackerman said.

It was only after SBA moved to suspend their own constitution to expedite his expulsion that Ackerman retained the services of the American Center for Law & Justice.

Rutgers then moved to suspend the SBA, though Rutgers last week reinstated it.

Interesting is when far left college students don’t like a person with a differing opinion than theirs, they want them outed and canceled but when they come under fire by their own far left, they want anonymity and cower.

The simple fact is if you are defending Palestine, you are defending Hamas who used the atrocities of October 7th to demonstrate their motives. Palestine has the right to exist but Hamas must be destroyed  

And aiding in this is the antisemitic propaganda coming out of these centers of higher learning, and is the exact same propaganda the Nazis used.

We will discuss this live on Davin’s Den Tuesday November 21st 7- 9:30 pm est.

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