Back to Scamming Scammers – By Davin Rosenblatt

Well it looks like I am back at it. It has been a few years since I scammed a scammer. I have never looked for scammers to scam.  They have always found me but most of the time I just ignore them. 
I found this “girl” in my Other box on Facebook. She sent me a friend request which I ignored but then later she sent me a message with my name. She went the extra mile so I figured I would give her the attention she deserves.
In the past I have spent hours at a time scamming a scammer. It became all-encompassing and time consuming. It was in some ways like I was in a real relationship. I will not allow that to happen this time.  When you spend so much time with somebody even if it is based on complete BS you can still become attached. That will not happen either this time.
I also must fight the urge to be too cynical. I know their tricks. I am unimpressed and quite frankly, lazy scamming bores me. I can’t just call them out and tell them they are awful at this. It ruins the scam and they will run and worse yet they could learn from it. I have to pretend that it is all so new to me.  I think that is the hardest part for me. I have dealt with good scammers. They make me raise my game and educate me. Bad scammers are a dime a dozen and I find them a little insulting to my intelligence.
There is no interview process when dealing with a new scammer. You get what you are given and work with what they give you. They don’t know that I have other intentions for them. They don’t know that I need to craft their business practices into entertainment for a radio show. It would probably be easier if they did know.
The good thing is I know how they groom people. I know what they need. I will use that knowledge against them and try and make sure this is the hardest grooming process they have ever gone through.
I never know how this will play out. I have no idea how long I can keep them going without sending them anything. I need to get them so far invested that to cut ties quickly would be against their best interests. It is a balancing act and it will be coming to your radio on Tuesday nights on Davin’s Den very soon.
Wish me luck!

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