Bang for My Buck – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

I have to get all my receipts together for my accountant this week to get my taxes done. After all the hassle I go through doing this and the fuss and the bother I never get any money back, After paying taxes on food, any product I buy, and one of the highest property taxes in the nation. I GET NOTHING BACK.
I take the normal deductions even all the gas, tolls and extras that go into doing comedy, radio, and music and still NOTHING.
I need to take additional deductions, the anxiety deduction for looking at what my percentage of my mortgage payment is for my property tax. The anger deduction as I pay fifteen dollars to get over a bridge and the MTA still says they are broke. The frustration deduction as we cut Tuition assistance to our vets but we still send end millions of dollars of aid to countries that hates us.
I want some bang for my buck, you want to tax me well I want some payback.
I want to ride in air force one for an hour, hey I own part of that bitch and I want to do a fly over my house and post it on face book so I can get one like. Which I get no matter what I post on face book because nobody gives a shit.
I want to do a special Davin’s Den  live from the oval office and break in to all the major networks so all of America can see me eat cat food or some other shit if I lose on the Fat Horse Challenge.
I want to play basketball with Obama, I suck at basketball, but Obama really sucks at basketball so I am sure I can kick his ass and brag about it.    
I want to turn Congress into an open mike night where you bring five people and get five minutes on how you can improve the country.
I want to make Dennis Rodman Secretary of state and give him one year to create world peace.
I want to borrow a tank from the Army to settle some issues I have with several folks.
I want all the politicians to take a pay cut and not get a raise for three years like most of the country has .had to do.

I would like to write more but I have to get to work so the government can get some more of their money

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