A Georgia high school football coach was fired after he held a baptism service for 20 of his players on school grounds last month, according to a report.

The superintendent of Tattnall County High School announced coach Isaac Ferrell’s firing after a video uploaded to the team’s official Facebook page showed players being baptized in a tub by a local pastor.

The Oct. 23 incident outraged some community members, eventually leading one to inform a group called The Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The foundation proclaims itself as a “state/church watchdog promoting the constitutional principle of separation of state and church,” according to their website.

They claim Ferrell was in the act of “abusing his position” and committed a “constitutional violation,” an article on their website reads.

Yes, this was a separation of church and state. The coach should be reprimanded but not fired.

The players were not obligated to do this and did it under their own free will. 

What concerns me is schools that indoctrinate kids on an alternative life style, lack of patriotism, and a liberal agenda that they race to jump on board on a religious matter.

With all the negative distractions that kids deal with at school and on the internet something that is positive and can be a source of strength and morality is a lightning rod of punishment and dismissal.

Is this also out of the scope of community standards? This is a town in Georgia, a state where the Baptist church is the most prevalent in the state.

Did The freedom from religion foundation (which have many atheist alumni) feel this was indoctrination?

But it is not always easy to determine exactly what constitutes indoctrination or school sponsorship of religious activities. For example, can a class on the Bible as literature be taught without a bias for or against the idea that the Bible is religious truth? Can students be compelled to participate in a Christmas-themed music program? Sometimes students themselves, rather than teachers, administrators or coaches, bring faith into school activities. For instance, when a student invokes gratitude to God in a valedictory address, or a high school football player offers a prayer in a huddle, is the school legally responsible for their religious expression?

Once again was the coach abusing his position? Up to debate. Was he leading a positive experience that are lacking in schools, yes. We discuss it live on Davin’s Den Tuesday January 30th 7-9:30pm go to davincomedy.com click davinsden, or go to the Davin’s Den Facebook page to see us live

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