California valedictorian will no longer give graduation speech over ‘alarming’ discussion

The University of Southern California said its valedictorian will no longer deliver a graduation speech this year, citing “substantial risks relating to security” over social media chatter surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Los Angeles school revealed that Asna Tabassum, a fourth-year student from Chino Hills, California, was selected as the valedictorian and would give a speech alongside two salutatorians. In a news release Monday, the university said she would no longer speak at the ceremony after the discussion about her selection took on “an alarming tenor.”

The move comes after some students, alumni and others complained to the university about Tabassum’s social media, which includes an Instagram bio that links to a pro-Palestine website. Tabassum addressed the university’s decision in a statement released through the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Los Angeles.

“Although this should have been a time of celebration for my family, friends, professors, and classmates, anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian voices have subjected me to a campaign of racist hatred because of my uncompromising belief in human rights for all,” Tabassum said.

This woman had freedom of speech, but with that freedom you choose your consequences.

Supporting Palestine is supporting Hamas and the terror they bring along with it.

So many of these college students have been brain washed by their antisemitic professor’s and after October seventh we seen this rhetoric brought to the forefront.

She makes a comment that she is the victim of racism. How about the thousands of Jewish students that don’t feel safe on college campuses across the nation after all the anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian protest.

It is now interesting to see the far left are now feeling the effects of being canceled.

 Many right-wing speakers get canceled at a college campus because the students don’t want to hear their perceived message of hate.

If that is the case, a school has the right to remove a valedictorian over messages of hate especially over the controversy and safety issues it would cause.

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