In California they are looking to make “stealthing” illegal. What’s stealthing? Damn good question. It is when a guy removes his condom during sex without consent. What the hell is going on? Back in my day if we wanted to get crazy we “accidently” slipped it into the bootie. Then when we got yelled at it was back to business. Is it a violation of trust? Yeah. Is it wrong? Yeah. But our little stunt couldn’t cause pregnancy or disease. These men are playing with their partner’s life.

I was always lead to believe women could tell the difference between sex with a condom and without. I would think they could feel the dirty deed pretty quickly but that doesn’t make a difference. How does a guy even take it off in the middle of the action? Those have to be some quick hands.

Should a partner have legal recourse against a man for this stunt? I guess so. I’m not sure how many people are going to come forward and say they were a victim of a stealthing but for those that do I guess the court is the place to get made whole for the violation of one’s hole. I would think it would be tough to prove. I mean if a woman got pregnant wouldn’t she have to carry the baby to term, do a DNA test, and prove she never knowingly consented to unprotected sex. If not wouldn’t the victim have to prove they got a disease from the offending willy. It seems like it would be word against word. Will the next move be for everyone to record sex and then we can just say let’s go to the video tape. Some people might like that. I just don’t know how you prove someone maliciously stealthed someone. Condoms do fall off. Things get slippery and the action could be intense.

If proven guilty, maybe instead of financial recourse we could add the guilty party must jerk off with sand paper. Or he must stick his worm in a piranha tank. You know let’s make it interesting.  Then we make it a PPV and give all the financial proceeds to the victim. That could work, maybe.

So yeah, I do think there should be a penalty when you think you can play in the pink without a raincoat and consent. I just think women might have to put glow in the dark paint inside their honey pot to prove the case. The guy comes out with a flourescent green fun stick.

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