Cat Food – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)


If you were on Facebook this past week you would have been treated to pictures of me eating cat food live on our show.

The response to this has been very interesting, from LOL to disgust. One response was from one of my Nephews’ Army colleagues calling me a middle aged fool and my Nephew Todd telling him to “stand down” that I am a man of integrity”. It’s cool when family defends family.
To explain this incident, it is a punishment, which is part of the Fat Horse Challenge where I have to lose two pounds a week or face a punishment of something horrible to eat if I don’t lose weight or gain.
Now if you think I was looking forward to eating the cat food you’re nuttier than I am, I even had to eat it out of the bowl like a cat because Davin claimed that I was a “Bad kitty”.
I worked like hell last week going to the gym for forty minutes to an hour each day and then watching what I was eating , and then came Friday.
On Friday I was working way into Pennsylvania. I had a small breakfast and nothing to eat afterwards and then a five-hour drive to the gig.
At the motel room forty minutes before the gig I started to get the worst case of low blood sugar I have ever had. I got a candy bar on the way to the show but it did not help.
Twenty minutes before ShowTime I was feeling my body get the tingles and I was starting to feel lethargic, it got so bad that there was a period I thought I might have to go to the hospital.
 I told the waitress what was going on and she proceeded to give me a boatload of orange juice topped off with big meal with lots of bread. I felt fine by ShowTime but the down side was that I threw my diet under the bus.
On Saturday I felt I would make up for the previous night up by eating a healthy lunch. At the suggestion of my comedy buddy we went to Bob Evans, which happens to be ranked one of the worst places to go for nutritious food. I had soup and a salad, which I figured to be twelve trillion calories.
Add the two shows Saturday night where I had Hamburgers but with no rolls because I am on a diet, they tasted great, with the potato salad I had—Stupid.
When I got home Sunday I weighed myself and due to my antics from the past two nights I gained two pounds !!!!!!!!Fuck !!!!!!!!!!!.
I was at the gym for hours from Sunday afternoon till Tuesday morning but to no avail I was one pound over on the show.
 I have learned from my mistakes last week and have taken steps to eat better and loose the two pounds for this week.
So here is the deal, one big meal on a Friday night one pound, Bob Evans on a Saturday one pound, looking at your co-host’s faces as the are repulsed that you are licking Nine Lives out of a bowl and you are not disgusted—priceless.

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