Country superstar Eric Church cancelled his concert in San Antonio four days before his performance. There was no health scare. There was no impending pregnancy. There was no Covid outbreak.  There was no impending weather emergency. There was a basketball game. Specifically a Final Four game between Duke and his beloved North Carolina Tar Heels. He wanted to watch the game with his family. This is why he cancelled his concert.

Are you kidding me?!? People planned months in advance to spend their hard earned money and their valuable time with you on your performance. For some people this will be the one frivolous luxury they allow themselves for the whole year. Going to a concert is not cheap. Tickets, parking, food, baby sitters, sometimes hotels and airfare.

But he wanted to watch the game. Your average working person wants to watch a game too but they don’t get to call the boss and call out basketball. They go to work. Maybe they listen to it on the radio or they DVR it or they catch the highlights on ESPN. They go to work because they have a job to do. Eric Church’s job is country star. Go to work!

I am a big sports fan. I have missed Yankee World Series games. I have missed Nets NBA finals games. I have missed Devils Stanley Cup finals games. I have missed Jets playoff games because I had a show to do. Did I want to watch my team? Damn straight I did but I have a job to do. My job involves me working nights and weekends. Nobody forced me to pick this job and I could have a lot worse job. Just like Eric Church’s fans have a worse job than his.

People like to say Hollywood elite. Well apparently that elitism has spread to Nashville. If you can’t sacrifice watching a game you are not even playing in for your fans then why should I sacrifice my heard earned money to support you? If I had a ticket to this show I would never spend a dollar on him again. If I was a fan of his I would certainly question whether I ever want to spend my money on him. Many of us cynical folks wonder if stars really love their fans. Eric Church fans need not wonder anymore.

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