Conservatism is dead – by Davin Rosenblatt

Donald Trump, at least for the time being, has shown that Conservatism is little more than a fringe belief system in our country. The most amazing thing is the people who traditionally voted in favor of Conservatives lustily buried it in favor of the Orange Savior.  Donald may be a moderate liberal. More likely, he is a creature of what works for him in the moment and leads to his happiness.  That at least makes more sense than sticking to a dogma even if it does not benefit you or things you care about.
What is Conservative about him? Well his refusal to acknowledge global warming perhaps.  It matters not because the man has a lot of beach front property. Donald will do what Donald always does and act in his best interest.  Golf courses are much less attractive if the whole course is a water hazard. He will look at the science and join the consensus and continue in Obama’s foot steps and work towards ensuring his property stays dry for generations to come.  
Taxes? Not really. He has said he should be taxed more.  It is a populist statement and something the Democrats have been pushing for years.  The days of Grover Norquist forcing congress to sign no increase in taxes is over. Donald will couch it as he has seen the books and in order to build that wall (which most likely will never be done) and build the military and rebuild infrastructure we will need to raise taxes.  He will say it is our duty as Americans and this is for our country and not rebuilding foreign lands.  This is patriotic. And all those people that have kvetched about taxes and voted for every politician who vowed to keep the rates where they are will happily side with Donald.  And taxes will go up for some. Like they would have under Hillary or Bernie.  The difference is now Conservatives will smile while their taxes go up.
The aforementioned infrastructure? Yes Barry has been pushing for it for years. Donald is pushing for it now. Congress always said there is no money for it. The money will be found or more likely we will just go into more debt to pay for it. Why? Because Donald will tell us it is our patriotic duty to rebuild this country.  He is a builder and he knows how to build. And the Conservatives will once again happily go along with something that the liberals have wanted for years.
The religious Right? Ha! Do you really think a serial adulterer and benefit of multiple divorces who has taken great pride in making money in gambling has your values? If you do I can only assume like most things you are taking that on faith. He tells you we will all say Merry Christmas again and you gleefully lap it up.  He is giving you lip service.  It is not something that can be enforced but to you this is a moral victory. He has shown he knows very little about the bible…in front of bible students but you ignored it. Probably because you know Conservatives have used your votes for years and never once served you.  At least Donald is new and interesting.  Donald lives in the real world not the one in the bible.  In the real world it is much more practical to work with homosexuals and transgender people.  Some of them are very talented and a good businessman and delegator likes to be surrounded by talent. He hires them and they make him look good. Plus he is a New York guy and in New York we do not call them gay. We call them Broadway and we love it because the world comes here to see them and that spurs our local economy. That is something Donald cares about.
Now Donald has said some extremely repugnant things or as some Conservatives call it not being PC.  He knows the people that this message appeals to would vote right and are largely untapped. 
 Donald calculated his very strong personality and showmanship would overcome the disgust by most at these things.  So far he has been right. Often we hear, from more moderate Conservatives, I don’t agree with what he is saying about immigrants but Donald is doing what is necessary to get the vote and I like that he is an outsider. Donald won that gamble…so far.  
Health Care?  Donald Trump’s healthcare plan is very similar to Obama Care which was very similar to Romney Care.  He can’t take the mandate out or the insurance companies can’t afford to do it.  Will he bankrupt them? Doubt it.  Will he take it back to where it was before Obama Care? Nope.  It would be extremely unpopular as people do not want to lose health care. Maybe he will tweak it.  Hopefully for the better forget about the Cruz mandate of ripping it up.
Iran deal? He has already said you can’t rip it up.  The United States would be too unstable if treaties did not carry over from one administration to the next. He has said he will make sure Iran follows it to the letter. Good.  He should. Still it will remain. Donald will tell you he is the best enforcer of deals ever. You will believe him. Maybe he will be right. Still the policy of talking to your enemy will have bore fruit and Donald will harvest that fruit.  The days of calling countries we don’t agree with the axis of evil as W. Bush did are over. It lead to nothing more than increased tension and hostility.
Conservatives like to nation build. They like to spread Democracy. Donald Trump has said stop that noise.  We are not going to invade countries and over throw rulers.  He has couched it under America First.  You lapped it up.  It used to be that the Conservative way to keep America safe was to spread democracy. Under Trump that is a thing of the past. Hawks are not envogue in the Conservative brand. The closest thing you will get to a hawk in this presidential election is Hillary Clinton.  
Bernie Sanders took the Democratic party and ran it to the left.  Hillary is in hot pursuit to get there.  Donald Trump has passed Hillary in getting to the left in some instances. There are no Conservatives left in this presidential campaign.  It is over and it was done because Conservatives voted against what they said they believed in the pursuit of the Orange Savior who told you just enough of what you wanted to hear.  This is a win for liberals no matter who is named president. The Obama legacy will be carried on by the Orange Savior and you will cheer as it happens. If it is carried on by Hillary then you will boo. Behind some closed door Barry, Donald, and Hillary will all drink to the fact that you killed Conservatism in pursuit of the Orange Savior.

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