A plane passenger has sparked outrage online after a photo emerged of her long hair draped over the back of her seat.

The picture, showing the hair draped down onto another passenger’s tray table, was posted on Twitter.

Twitter user Anthony captioned the picture on October 20 with the caption “Would this piss you off”.

Yes, it would. There is no more civility in the world anymore. A lot of people now are so unaware of how rude they are and a lot of the them don’t care.

Think about how people dress on a plane now a days. I don’t walk to my mailbox dressed like half the jokers dress on a plane. Look I don’t dress in a tux, but I don’t wear sweat pants and flip flops either.

Back in the day there was civility, people would dress up to fly and it brought class to the whole concept of air travel.

I like to dress to survive, if that plane goes down in a swamp, I’m not going to be in a pair of shorts with beach sandals.

One moron commented, Lol nah. If I need the tray, I’d just let her know I need to get under her hair for a sec. but why would I get mad? Flight over soon, on my merry way.” Of course, because you are the dope that enables this.

It did not mention if the guy said anything to the woman, she may have been nice and apologized, or could have been an asshole and now there is a scene and you are escorted of the plane. And you are a new TicTok star.

People like this need to be called out because this will just get worse as planes are now like a Grey Hound bus with wings and chock full of riff raff.

Between parking, security, being packed on a plane like a sardine then having snacks thrown at me like a seal, I then having to watch the flight attendant like a hawk because they are coming to pick up my snack and drink that I just had to wolf down and gulp before they come back to pick it up. I would rather drive.

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