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Carnival Comedy Challenge

There was plenty of the NY ‘tude to spread around as runners-up Carl Remmi & Davin Rosenblatt turned the New York Challenge into a real horse race with so many horse laughs everybody was…well, sorry, but there were a couple cases of laryngitis…sorry.

Carnival Comedy Challenge
New York

Samet Hossona-Spalding

Davin did a tremendous job of entertaining at our staff meeting. His comedy was clean and hilarious and most importantly he was extremely professional. I would definitely recommend him for any corporate event.

Samet Hossona-Spalding
Cisco Systems, New York Office

AppTect Team in Philadelphia

Please thank Davin with his great job and effort in making us laugh. He truly worked hard (harder than most comedians) especially with the limited material he could work with. Keeping it clean is very difficult especially when it comes to comedy and he did an EXCELLENT job! .

AppTect Team in Philadelphia

Chuck Wozlick, Charter Talent

Davin brings to the table two things we look for… Professional off stage & amazingly funny onstage. No matter what the crowd Davin draws them in with his comedy stylings and leaves them laughing! A sure-fire hit for any event. I would highly recommend him.

Chuck Wozlick, Charter Talent

Alan Kagan – Father of the Bar Mitzvah boy

Davin was a perfect fit for the guests of my son’s Bar Mitzvah luncheon. While his prepared material was great, his ad-libs were even more hilarious. He really made the event memorable. I would hire Davin again without hesitation. Davin, excellent job!!

Alan Kagan - Father of the Bar Mitzvah boy

Chris O’Hara

Hey, Davin I just wanted to drop by and tell you that you were great at Bananas.

Chris O'Hara
Audience member

Sheila Edwards MND-N-G1

Dear Sir, I’m the MNC-I representative stationed here in COB Speicher IRAQ and would like to thank you for booking this specific tour to our area. The comics attending this tour were; Davin Rosenblatt, Sharon Locey, Dennis Ross. Since Sept08, I have had the pleasure of escorting entertainment to our troops in northern IRAQ. This would include at least 100’s of tours and met thousands of troops mostly in remote sites of IRAQ. Without a doubt, this is the best group of entertainers I have witnessed in our area. The comics were enjoyable to be around and were good sports about meeting as many troops as possible to spread moral if just for 1 hr in the day. Our tour totaled 4 days and we visited at least 4 COB, FOBs per day. We must have visited hundreds of troops in the four days of our tour. Many would come up to me and thank the comics for doing a show, and appreciated it very much. The comics themselves never once complained about the schedule and always made us laugh. As in my business, I have run across some entertainers who do not get the experience or are out here for the wrong reasons….they may want to come to IRAQ for the troops, but you can tell they have an agenda and that really is not the case. Davin, Sharon, Dennis, truly are the example of who is supporting our troops. They have their heart in the right place…please if you can book these comics again to our area. Thank you for your consideration and your support of the troops V/R.

Sheila Edwards MND-N-G1
MWR Recreation Officer COB Speicher

Brad C.

You rocked it. The students had a great time. Let’s do it again next year!

Brad C. Talent Coordinator
Cougar Comedy Series Misericordia University in Dallas, PA


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