Davin's Den Testimonials

From ARMY’s official Operational Security page on Facebook. (OPSEC)

In our effort to provide information to the field and to network on common issues we would like to inform you of a gentleman and a radio show that he hosts. Davin’s Den is an entertainment radio show that is also known for fighting cyber scammers. In our fight against them, they have called scammers and scared them into stopping their scam. An Army element requested and they delivered a Public …Service Announcement warning soldiers of the dangers of scammers and informing them of the importance of security precautions while online, they have also interviewed victims both military and civilian, educated the public, are a resource for those with questions, actively scam scammers to waste their time and resources, have shared information with the military, conduct and report investigative reports, advocate for victims both military and civilian, and have been cited in newspapers for uncovering information in regards to news-making scams that the mainstream media did not know. Their mission is to educate through entertainment and slow the ever-growing global epidemic that is internet fraud.

ARMY’s official Operational Security page on Facebook

From Rollo, a fan of the show

Perhaps I was too young to listen and wasn’t allowed to, or too old to hear it, but somewhere along the way, I managed and now can’t miss it.


From Lizzy, a fan of the show.

Awesome Show Never Laughed So Much in My Life Till I Listened to Davin’s Den. I Gotta Listen to It Every Tues. Now!


Lucia Maria Peregrim of The Indie Authority Radio Station

Best comedy show ever. Better than the big names.

Lucia Maria Peregrim

From Carrie, a fan of the show.

I thought it was freaking brilliant and laughed like hell. Your show is totally different from anything I’ve heard or seen anywhere. That makes it great to listen to.


From Angea, a fan of the show.

Your show makes me laugh, while I am sitting there shaking my head.


Ward Anderson of the Ward & Al Show – Sirius/XM Canada

Davin’s Den is a talk radio show for people who want a little bit of everything. It’s serious when it needs to be, funny when it’s not busy being serious, and always engaging no matter which way it turns. Davin, Joe, and Pip are always having such a good time, the listener can’t help but have a good time with them. The time flies by when I tune them in.

Ward Anderson

Testimonial from one of our fans, “Trucker” Tom Frey.

I first heard Davin’s Den by pure chance one evening about a year and a half ago and immediately I was hooked. I heard something rare in radio these days, original content and thoughts, not the typical “cookie cutter” talk radio that seems to flood the airwaves. Although at first, I wasn’t able to listen as frequent as I can now, I still made it a point to tune in when I could. After a while, I started listening more and more, something that is hard for me to do regularly considering my profession. I believe that if given the right format, this show could grow, to a much broader audience. I will look forward to listening, no matter where the future takes them.

Tom Frey