Davin's Den Testimonials

A testimonial from DJ of Talk superstation.

I suppose my feedback is valuable since, as a station PD, I technically work with you, and I’m usually here at the station HQ during the hours in which your show airs, so I would also qualify as a listener/fan. So here goes: I can say that I’ve enjoyed what I have heard on the show, including your comedic talent, as well as that of Joe and “Pip”. And I also appreciate the courteousness via text message when we communicate while streams are down or there is a server issue during the live broadcast – that’s a good example of professionalism.
If at some point you do take your show to satellite radio, of course, I’ll wish you luck – and I’ll be honored that my station was a part of the first phase in your comedy/broadcasting career.


First syndicated program put on WKAD radio.

Davin’s Den was the first syndicated program we put on WKAD radio. Davin’s professional input and knowledge have been instrumental in helping WKAD work out the bugs when we first came on the air. Davin’s Den is consistently one of the highest listened to shows on WKAD.

Kenny WKAD

Davin, Joe, and Pip always impress.

Appearing as both a guest on their show as well as having them on my network “Live from the Compound” Davin, Joe, and Pip always impress.

Anthony of Opie & Anthony Sirius/XM