Davin’s Den…the Gefilte Fish Aftermath

Hi Guys,

I am going to try and post on here more often as I feel it is a good way for you to keep up with Davin’s Den the show and me as a comic when I am not on the air.  Feel free to comment or email a question.

Anyway, as many of you know, on this week’s Davin’s Den we had Joe Currie, Pip Helix, & our guest, Joe Padulla do gefilte fish juice shots as punishment for our game Boozy or Floozy.  Pip hated the shots the most but was good at the game and only had to swallow once.  Damn!  It is funny if you watch the video to see Pip flail her arms as others are doing shots in a vain attempt to fly away.

Joe Padulla did not like the shots and had to swallow quite a bit.  It is always nice to know that you can make an American hero and all around tough guy squirm with the inventions of your brain.  He later told me he was burping up gefilte fish on the way home.  That is gross!!!

Joe Currie actually somewhat enjoyed the gefilte fish juice shots.  This was very disconcerting.  I mean people like gefilte fish but the gel????  It has the texture of snot.  But Joe liked it.  Until the next day.  Apparently he got some type of stomach virus that made him very ill.  He could only stay at the Iron Maiden Concert for 45 minutes until he had to leave due to sickness.  As bad as the gefilte juice shots were going in, I can only imagine how bad they were coming out!

Now it is possible the Joe would have gotten sick without the gefilte fish juice shots but we here at the Den would like to take some credit for making Joe feel sick.

Tune in this Tuesday as Joe will give us the full details of his sickness and the 45 minutes of Maiden he saw.

We are always open for game ideas or punishment ideas so drop us a line.

See you next time,


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