Dr. Dana Diab, A New York City emergency room doctor, has been fired for controversial posts online that applauded Hamas’ massacre at a music festival in southern Israel, saying of the October 7 attack, “Zionist settlers getting a taste of their own medicine.” Diab insisted that she “never called for harm to anyone” in her post. “I never have and never will abdicate my duty and my oath as a physician,” she added.

Oy vey! While she may not have called on anyone to be harmed she did support the murder, torture, rape of civilians. Those civilians included babies, children, and Senior citizens. These people were non- combatants.  Regardless of what you think of Israel’s politics it is beyond the pail to support such cruelty. Then when you add in that she is a doctor…how could anyone really trust her?

This is one of the most egregious uses of social media I have seen in regards to someone losing their job. We have seen many teachers lose their jobs for risqué or even non risqué social media posts. The cry of “oh but the children”. A teacher on vacation in a bikini doing shots really has no bearing on how she teaches in the classroom. An emergency room doctor literally has people’s lives in their hands. When a patient is in an emergency room they are at their most vulnerable. We tell ourselves that the people attending to us are capable and have our best interests at heart.  How could anyone feel comfortable in the hands of a doctor openly rooting for death? It reveals at the least a coldness. At the most a bloodlust.

We all know there are plenty of Jewish doctors in New York. How could they possibly work with someone who is rooting for the extermination of their people? I am assuming there is a trust that is necessary amongst colleagues in a hospital. How do you trust Diab again even if until this point she had proven to be competent at her job?

I honestly do not see how Diab can work as a physician anywhere in the Western hemisphere again. Her comments are so abhorrent. Not because she supports Palestine but because she supports a massacre. It is probably time she packs up her stethoscope and heads to the middle east where her sentiments will not only come without punishment but will be celebrated.

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