Elon Musk is going to be remembered as another smart guy with some stinky ideas. I know that some people look up to him as this amazing entrepreneur, and certainly, he must be doing some things right to have amassed the wealth he has.
However, at least one of his kooky ideas has veered from different to toxic. Once he took over Twitter, and decided that everyone could have their say on the rebranded platform, no matter what, he sent up the stinky cloud of hate that all the toxic antisemites were drawn to. He may as well have rebranded Twitter as Toxic, because that has been the result.
Not only has he allowed hate speech on the platform, but he is actively agreeing with antisemitic, hateful posts. This is the kind of thing that major advertisers such as IBM and Disney want nothing to do with, and they have been pulling out of X in droves. Musk can criticize the advertisers as trying to suppress free speech all he wants, but the truth is they have the right to spend their advertising dollars how they see fit, and they would rather not get Musk’s stank all over their products.
Face it, Musk fan boys- the thrill is gone, and the stink has rolled in.

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