Hi All,

Well I am back from the south.  I don’t know if I missed it since I hadn’t been there in several years but it did all come flooding back to me.  Some nice folks, some people talking to me like they were Boomhower, some people getting sensitive at stuff they just don’t get sensitive about in the north, and of course driving in Tennessee and seeing a sign on the back up of a pick up truck that said “Coon Hunter.”  Only in the south.  Of course, I did have my first fried green been and it was delicious!!! 

I am jonesing to get our next Davin’s Den on the air as we have been off for two weeks now & I miss it.  Next week we go live but Joe & Pip will be holding it down as I will not be available.  I hope you give them a watch.  I will be back in 2 weeks and I will be ready to go!  We are also marching closer to the next step in this project.  The demo CD is done, the pictures are done, now I just need to find some time to sit down and call some agents and send out our press kit.  Always something to do.  All of our radio shows from WTBQ are now online and ready to be listened to either here or Itunes.  I will be working in the next few weeks to get all of our podcasts from the Compound onto Itunes as well. 

I am kicking around the idea of teaching kids verbal combat.  I figure these bullies say lots of nasty things but they are no match for the mind of a douche baggy road comic.  I have the ability to say very mean things that will make a kid question their whole self worth and I am prepared to teach your kid how to do it.  What do you think?

This week I will be performing on Thursday at:

Ramblers Rest in Monroe, NY located at 590 on Route 208.  This will be our first show at Ramblers Rest.  Dinner is 7:00 and the show starts at 9:00. Dinner & show pkg. is only $35.  Scheduled to appear with me is Doug Karpf  from Howard Stern Radio, & Rich Carucci from Cablevision’s “Steam Rollers of Comedy.”  For tickets call 845-782-1345.

On Friday I will be at the The Brookside Country Club in Macungie, PA at 901 Willow Lane.  They will be serving appetizers at 6:30 and the Show at 8:00 for $35.  Scheduled to appear with me is Dennis Ross who was a writer for National Lampoons.  For tickets call 484-224-5484. 

Till next time…keep on laughing!


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