I am all for equal rights for women.  It seems like the right thing to do and now that I have a daughter I certainly would not like to see her lose out on an opportunity because of her gender.  Still many cultures treat women as second class citizens.  In places in the middle-east women can’t drive.  However, I think if you are going to be treated equally you need to perform the same tasks as other people in your field.

I am tired of looking at the female street construction worker doing nothing but holding a flag or sign waving traffic.  I never see the female construction worker actually digging or operating heavy machinery (though I am told the latter has been spotted by others).   She should either be doing what one of the 3 men who are digging or operating the back ho are doing or doing what the 10 other guys on the site are doing which is standing around and scratching their ass.  Be part of the team female construction worker.  Do we need to have separate construction teams of just women who do only light construction?  Maybe they don’t even fix anything but just survey the roads that need fixing and call the men in to do it.  A platoon of roaming construction wives just bossing the men around. 

And I never see a woman who is attractive with make up on holding the sign.  If this is all you are going to do you should look good doing it.  First, if you look good then the other construction workers won’t have to whistle and yell obscene things at the other women who are actually on their way to work and contributing to society.  Nope you can be each road crews personal catcall target.  You will smile at being called mamacita, sweet tits, and having kisses blown at you.  Why? Because this will be part of your job as chief sign holder.  Men can hold the sign as well but should also be expected to be catcalled as well.  Fair is fair.  Also, if I am going to be stuck in endless hours of traffic I am going to be mad.  It may not be the construction worker’s fault but you are the ones with endless cones and closed lanes and not much happening.  My mood would certainly lighten if I saw an attractive woman holding a stupid orange flag as opposed to a woman who looks like she got run over by a bull dozer or 6 guys picking their nose and checking their cell phones.  You will alleviate tensions plus it will make us overlook the general tortoise like pace in which road construction is done.  If there were enough attractive women on the construction site I might actually look forward to road work.  Imagine the road construction signs, “Slow down, somebody with Daddy issues works here.”  “Your tax dollars bought these implants.”  Because really big boobs and a pretty smile makes up for assholes that can’t merge and endless potholes every day of the week.

So in summary your choices female construction worker is do the same job as the men do on the construction site, be eye candy for your fellow construction workers, motorists, while also taking the heat off of  the women that are actually just trying to pass by on their way to a real job, or get out of construction altogether. 

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