Fighting the Enemy within: aka could I just eat my lunch? – By JOE CURRIE (Davin’s Den)

Several weeks ago I posted this meme on my Face Book page one morning and then went to the day program. I went on line at lunch and below I was treated to the following below from Sensitive Sam.  

One small mind, one tiny dick, one giant asshole…..oh, wait, maybe this kind of personal attack should be left out of politics. Disagree with her for what you think she stands for, but leave this kind of hateful shit out of it!

My friend responded below,

You are the one of the reasons America is “PUSSIFIED”!! Dude… it’s a joke ~ not a personal attack.. It’s also the opinion of a Comedian … do you know how to laugh?

Somebody else with common sense responded,

Hateful shit?? Jokes are Jokes. Someone called the PC police

Sensitive Sam responded with this,

I guess because it was shaming “jokes” like this directed at one of my daughters that drove her to attempt suicide and I decided not to let these kinds of comments go by unaddressed. I guess it’s because I DO care who becomes president. And, btw, would it bother you to know that I’m not bothered by you throwing around the word pussified even if you do it all in caps?

How in the hell is this Directed at one his daughters, she is not running for President this is the reason why people like this have been destroying lives, jobs and free speech from an agenda that is not  part of the topic.

He then continues

Actions have consequences…intended or not…and as the saying goes about good intentions… The artist has the right to draw it, Joe has the right to post it, y’all have the right to laugh at it and I’ve got the right to express my opinion of it. I enjoy irreverent humor with the best/worst of ’em. This is where I make my stand. That’s it. Peace out. Drop Mic. Stomp off stage.

Stomp of stage,, stomp off a cliff, I had to go to the bank at lunch but instead I had to sink both fangs into Sensitive Sam with this

Sir, you are the problem as to why our freedom of speech has been taken away. People like you are the enemy within in this country. You are why people are losing their jobs for the right to their opinion.

 Hillary Clinton is nothing more but an out for herself, carpet bagging shrew that cares nothing about the people she wants to represent. If you are upset please be more upset of her lackadaisical response to Benghazi and her erased emails, in addition all the money she has raked in from speeches and appearances while claiming poverty.

As a Father of two daughters you should be more concerned about the false candidates that will shape their future instead of a cartoon caption that covers them in their real light.

I hope between being offended by a caption and defending a lying career politician that you won’t have to explain to your daughters that our generation was the first to fail our great nation that was built on free speech and calling out our politicians when they are for themselves and not the betterment of our country.

In addition I take suicide seriously as my father committed suicide. I hope you have taught your daughter to fight back on bullies and to be tough because it is a tough world.

Worrying about what your daughter might see in a cartoon is doing a total disservice to her. Strong women are made and not coddled ask any single Mother. And if you are raising her on the ideals of Hillary Clinton the cartoon I posted should be the least of your worries.

Sensitive Sam responded with the following

I guess because it was shaming “jokes” like this directed at one of my daughters that drove her to attempt suicide and I decided not to let these kinds of comments go by unaddressed. I guess it’s because I DO care who becomes president. And, btw, would it bother you to know that I’m not bothered by you throwing around the word pussified even if you do it all in caps?;)

Thank god somebody with common sense replied to him

Wow… I’m not here to judge what people are offended by. I am just surprised that people can’t understand the difference between humor and hate. I also have a daughter and would be horribly upset if she was targeted online, this post is clearly an attempt to be funny and not hateful.

Where Sensitive Sam is getting his logic is beyond me, the Meme was never meant or sent as an attack on his daughter or a reason to commit suicide unless she is lying about Benghazi. Right on to the person above who hit the nail on the head.

BTW BTW,  Joe. You want to see how strong a young woman she’s become, read her e-book. It’s free

 I then read the e-book,  a quick synopsis,  the young lady had a food addiction was obese and was depressed that she could not live in the city and go to school, but had to commute from Long Island and that lead her to eat more.

 She claimed, her weight, social anxiety, and the stigma of being a commuter kid had sealed her fate of her chances at a college social life.  DOES THIS HAVE ANYTHING REMOTELY AT ALL TO DO WITH THE MEME I POSTED?

 She also mentioned  her junior year in high school ,she had one suicide attempt and a hospitalization under her belt and had been diagnosed and treated for a variety of things such as, depression, anxiety, ADD, bipolar; and weighed over 200 pounds.

This young lady has got the help she needed thank god. But in reading her plight nothing, absolutely nothing was directed at her. I would never post anything if it  was because that is bullying.

In addition I feel a little uneasy even discussing this girl’s plight because I feel it is personal matter; however the Father wanted to make an agenda about it, and her story is online.

Before you read my response to Sensitive Sam here are a couple of things to know about me,

 I have battled weight all my life (just see the latest Race Odyssey photo I gotta hit the gym again).

 I had a 42 inch waist when I was twelve, my father committed Suicide when I was six and I was one of the last people to see him alive before he ended his life twenty minutes later.

 My Mom then commuted to the city to work for twenty four straight years for her to die suddenly thirty seven days after she retired.

When I was thirteen child services wanted to remove me from my mother as I was a Latch key kid.

When I was in high school there was a girl that was younger than me and was suicidal and I wrote and spoke to her and told her how she had so much to live for. She is now happily married and has a beautiful son.

Now that you have the preamble, on to my response to Sensitive Sam.

Your Daughter seems like a nice young lady, but as somebody that has battled weight all my life (I had a 42 inch waist at 12 years old) I have no sympathy, you are carrying on as obesity is a disease, sorry it is not, this another case of us all having to understand and not hurt anybody’s feelings because they have no personal responsibility or self control to themselves. And you seem to have been there and seemed to be an enabler to the problem.

 But we all have to understand, Pussification is the correct term that was used earlier in the day why?? Because there is now a culture in this country where everybody is sensitive and nobody wants to be accountable for their actions. This culture is built on weakness and not strength, or accountability for one’s self. It is also lending itself to censorship which is dangerous because people like you on the sensitivity agenda our dangerous and cost people their lively hoods. When Russia and China take us over in several years show your story to them.

Sensitive Sam then replies to me, Please note I did not call the daughter Chubbsy ubsy, stupid Dennis helping, just deal the cards.

Okay. So let me get this straight. She faces her demons, takes control of her situation loses nearly 200 lbs and creates a wonderful life for herself all with my loving if imperfect support and that makes me an enabler and I stand up to this vitriol to try and make a point without backing down and that makes me a pussy all so in the name of comedy somebody can get a laugh out of (erroneously) calling my daughter “chubbsy ubsy”? Got it. I do apologize and thank you for the insight. Good luck

BTW I know that the point of comedy IS to be disturbing and sometimes to offend. That’s what makes people laugh. “It’s just a joke” is an apology. “You’re offended? Well, my job here is done.” is the real answer. This cartoon has a lot o flaws and does offend and rather than get so F’n paranoid that somebody doesn’t agree with you about it, accept that they are making a valid point and just communicate that to some degree the offense IS the point. There is no argument against that. Getting personal and treating disagreement as the coming of the Antichrist is just plain ineffective. I’m not an idiot I have a sense of humor and appreciate what comedy is about. I just make the point about this kind of personal attack approach in honor of my daughter’s pain and success. What’s really funny here is what a ruckus that caused here

Again somebody with common sense follows up below

I’m still stupidified by the inability of some people to grasp the intent and context of when a comedian makes a joke. Instead they decide it’s some form of personal attack on them or a loved one. When they do that it comes across that they have such a poor self image, they look for any excuse to blame others for their plight. In bringing their shortcomings to the party, looking for sympathy from those around them, they justify their outrage instead of looking in the mirror at the enabler of issues they won’t face.

I then finished up with this.  

The personal attack on your Daughters pain and success was never part of the cartoon, was never intended to be and would never have been brought up at all if it wasn’t for yourself righteous misguided agenda.

When I was young I asked my Mom if she was afraid of anything and she responded people with no common sense.

As an adult I can see how dangerous people like this can be.

Because of their misguided agenda they cost careers, I have seen two personal friends be the victim of this, we now can’t express ideas because somebody is going to be offended.

As much as Davin does not like memes, political statements like the one in the meme have been a staple in this country for over two hundred years.

It is very disquieting that I had to debate someone in regards to a misguided agenda but not the actual meaning at hand.

I invite anybody that reads this to stand up to the underlying cancer that is permeating our society which is the loss of free speech and the right to it without the loss of a job or the opportunity to get one due to someone’s self righteous agenda.

Okay I am going back to lunch, and I think I will skip desert.


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