Florida is set to sign into law a law that would make it illegal for social media companies to ban politicians from their platform. A social media company could suspend a politician up to 14 days and then would have to reinstate the politician. If they did not reinstate the politician Florida would be able to fine them $250,000 a day. There is an exemption to this law. If a social media company owns a theme park apparently they can suspend politicians indefinitely.

This law stinks on so many levels. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that social media was acting as big brother. His solution? Apparently to make the state of Florida bigger brother…unless they have a theme park which could potentially pump billions of dollars into Florida’s economy. When people talk about “Big Brother” they are generally talking about government over reach, not the actions of companies. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans wanted less government regulation. Of course, anyone paying attention knows that is complete malarkey. They want whatever they think works for them politically in the moment.

Of course politicians support this rule…it makes them exempt from the same rules we all follow. It creates a special class of elites which last time I checked we do not have in this country. I also remember when the GOP railed against elites. Social media platforms provide their service for free. You agree to the terms and conditions when you sign up to use the service. Each platform has standards that they want on their platform. If you do not like it you do not have to use it. We are talking about politicians who can access the media whenever they would like to get their message out. They don’t have to use social media. They choose to. The vast majority of people have no problem following social media rules. Do the companies make mistakes? Yes. Are they inconsistent? At times. Still it takes a lot to get a lifetime suspension from a social media platform. You have to be a repeat offender. If you can’t get your message out without violating rules that the rest of us have no problems following then do you really deserve my vote? Are you really the gifted communicator required to be effective?

Social media companies are a business. They have rules. Every business has rules if you wish to use their service. Try standing up in the middle of a restaurant, department store, theme park, etc. and start screaming racist things. Or calls for violence. See how long you will be allowed to stay. See if you will be allowed back. Chances are you will be asked to leave…if necessary with force and you may not be allowed back. Why? Because you violated the rules that the business has decided is what they feel is appropriate and lends to their success. You have a right to say whatever you want. They have a right to prevent you from saying it where they do business.

Do you really want the government that heavy handed in business? Or churches? Maybe under this rule someone can post terrible things about Christ on the Church website. Now it is quite possible the church will not be able to ban such a person. Unless of course they open a theme park.

This is simply to appeal to Donald Trump and mouth breathers that want a pound of flesh. If you take this to its logical conclusion it may soon be your business that Florida will stick their fingers in.

We need government to protect us from injuries and harm that an unregulated business can cause. We do not need government to make themselves exempt from the common rules everyone else seems to be able to follow. If they want to be royalty there is an opening in England that just came free. In America, politicians are not special and it may be time they are reminded of that.

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