This past week Republican congressman from Wyoming Paul Gosar and Republican senator from Texas Ted Cruz shone a bright light on our wasted tax dollars. Paul Gosar tweeted a meme, that one can assume, his staff created of edited anime that depicted him killing Democratic congress woman Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and slashing President Joe Biden. Ted Cruz tweeted at Big Bird because Big Bird was promoting getting vaccinated to children. Something Big Bird has been doing since 1972. Ted Cruz called it government propaganda.

Forget how you feel about AOC or the vaccine for one moment; is this really what we want our representatives to be doing? I actually remember a time when you looked up to your representatives in Washington. Now most children behave with more dignity than these guys. We are paying them and this is what they do. Last I checked the country still had major issues to tackle whether it is Covid, immigration, poverty, voting rights, terrorism, etc. But these two nimbrods are making cartoons and tweeting at a pigeon on steroids. I understand Ted Cruz would rather be in Cancun but isn’t there something more productive he could be doing for the people of his state?

Shame on the people that support these two. Again, put your politics aside.  Wouldn’t you like to have serious people represent you? If you want to laugh I know a couple of guys that can hook you up. Heck if you come see us they won’t even take the cover charge out of your paycheck to pay our salary. Instead of statesman we have internet trolls representing us. You know the people that make obnoxious comments that aren’t funny on You Tube videos. The comments you scroll past. That’s Ted Cruz and Paul Gosar.

The reality is an increasing amount of our “leaders” now play to the lowest common denominator. They get rewarded for playing to the mouth breathers instead of trying to solve problems.  They see pithy  attacks at political adversaries. I see wasted tax dollars.

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