Wendy’s has been making plans to outfit their restaurants with dynamic menu boards, which many believe is secretly a plan to use “dynamic” prices, known as “surge pricing”. This means the prices for food items will change, according to location, time of day, and how busy the restaurant is.
If they go through with this plan, and it turns into a money maker for their stockholders, it will be a very short time before we see this surge pricing implemented by other fast-food restaurants. Stock holders expect to squeeze every ounce of profit from consumers, as do the corporate overloads who generate these plans and implement them.
Of course, this incredible cynical pickpocketing of the consumer will trickle down to increased income for the employees, right? Right?
The dynamic pricing would mean that the same order of food could vary in price as you move up the drive-through window line. The car in front of you could pay more or less, depending on the time of day.
I don’t want this to happen, but you think you see people freaking out when the breakfast menu disappears before their eyes, or they run out of nuggets? I predict some major drive-through window freak-outs when this first starts up. Consumers are hard pressed as it is, and this is a gross money-grab on Wendy’s part.

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