As I am an expert on hangovers here is my tips to avoid them and then what to do. Please note do not drink and drive.

Monitor your drinking. Have about three beers and maybe a shot and then go on the wagon with some soft drink.

Make sure that you eat before and while you drink this keeps the alcohol from getting into the blood stream too quickly.

Keep some Red bull handy keeps you riding out the storm before the bed spins hit.

Also take some Advil before you collapse to head the hangover off at the pass.

Good morning oh well so much for Advil, here are some tips to battle your stupid hangover.

Swear off drinking, chances are if you are lying its Sunday morning and God is too busy with church to care.

Get some Alka seltzer happening stat and then crash on something comfy.

If you wake up and still feel uugh have tea not coffee as it will piss off your stomach which will then blab to your colon and now you really have problems.

Have something with bread to soak up all the acid in battle mode in your stomach.

Eat bland stuff all day and then crack a beer at eleven am and repeat the process.

We will discuss some more great tips on Davin’s Den this Tuesday night at 6:30pm est. go to and then go to live broadcast and you are there.

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