I Am Back – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

To start, this blog is twelve hours past the dead line and two months ago I would never even bothered to call Davin and say it’s late.  You will see what I mean at the end.

 If you are a fan of the show you,  might have  noticed that I departed back in the beginning of April and I  returned this past May 21st.  What happened???—What happened indeed.

What happened is a combination of wanting things, trying to progress, doing things for the wrong reasons, doing things for the right reasons, and valuing friendships.

Now I know you are reading this going “ get to the point stupid”

Lets start at the beginning of the year, during our break in December I was going through a major emotional upheaval in my life. I gave details of this in my blog in early January.

In that blog I concluded that I was ready to move into the New Year and make it a better year than two thousand twelve.

On paper this all looked great and I thought that all the emotional nonsense that I had going on in December would have been in check by the time we got back from our break.  Not so much.

I started the first week in January with my marriage in shambles, my play which my partner and I have been working on for ten years was dead in the water as it looked like another production beat us to the punch on our idea. On the band side it looked like my project after Mcclinton was not going to go. My master plan for two thousand thirteen was burning on the runway before it even took off and it was January 3rd.

I was pushing myself full guns to not only progress but to compete against an emotional situation that I set up in my head.

I left out one facet of all the things I am involved with, Davin’s Den. Sometimes things are not evident to you that are evident to other people. Davin and Pip were dealing with an emotional lunatic every Tuesday and wondering which Joe Currie would show up. There was a lot of tension between Davin and I, which also put Pip in an unfair position of Nursery School matron and I was clueless that I was a big part of the problem.    

The stress of the show can be daunting and due to the schedule I put myself in, Davin and I were only corresponding by email with me not trying to call and go over things.

I can tell you that communication is a key in any relationship and that what was lacking in January through February please note mostly of my own accord.

In April we had an opportunity to broadcast from the new radio studio at Governors Comedy Club which is my home club.

I have never been a fan of airing dirty laundry in any project or band as a lot of shows and bands do on Facebook, twitter or any other media and I won’t do it here, but for the first time in my life I overloaded myself trying to ignore the emotional monster I created in my head.  

I quit, I quit the show I ended a seventeen-year friendship good bye.

I did my first show as the Dick Eldorado show at Governors on April eight, and Pip and Davin announced my departure on the Den on the following night. 

Davin and I were done—–done. But I felt awful, we also were working together in Virginia four nights later and driving separately. I contacted Davin and told him even though we despise each other as a Jew and a Scotchman we should realize that riding separately will kill our profit.

It was a five-hour ride to Virginia the first hour and a half was heavy duty, we hashed out everything.The rest of that trip after that was all the laughing and nonsense that has kept us pals over all the years. I think I can speak for Davin as well as myself on this, when we did that show that night, the fact that we made up translated to the show, we were un-stopable and ripped the room to pieces.

We salvaged our friendship but what about the show? It was decided that I should take a break, I told Davin that he would have to ask me back, not out of ego on my part, but respect to him as I quit his show and he should decide if he wants me back or not.

During this period I took an acting class, got ready for a Rotgut show, most importantly, I also had time to reflect.

 Since the end of November till the beginning of April I have essentially watched everything that I love and enjoy be destroyed by me. I have had to turn around and rebuild the road that I have destroyed.

I have discovered in this process that I am getting a second chance on a lot of things I thought was destroyed.

 Davin and I are pals again, I am back on the Den, I will be doing the Dick Eldorado show twice a month (I will have them posted once I figure out Word Press or James gets them on my website).

 My play is not only alive but also the production that I thought threatened us stinks on ice and we can blow them out of the water.

It looks like my band Stilo will be taking shape and Race Odyssey may be coming back as well.

I am also seeing if I can salvage my marriage.

So as I wrap this up what did I learn? Value friendships, they are more Important than any gig or situation, communicate, a lot of problems are perceived more than real. Do things for the love of it, and not for the reason of trying to impress someone or trying to compete with someone or an image of someone you set up for yourself.

The most important thing that I must do now is exercise, because the Fat Horse challenge is back on and I have to be down two pounds by Tuesday.

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