I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but…

something odd is going on.  This was supposed to be a blog about why we scam the romance scammers.  This blog was suppose to have a link to an excellent show 20/20 of ABC did on just this topic.  The episode originally aired on June 24, 2011.  It was called “Cybercrime We Find Them.”  You know what can’t be found that episode online.  Anywhere.  It was there over the weekend.  Every other episode around it is there.  Poof, gone.

Maybe I should back track a bit. If you listen to my podcast Davin’s Den then you know we scam the scammers who make you fall in love just so they can leave you without any money and heart broken.  Since the authorities don’t do anything about it we do the best we can.  We lead them on and waste a lot of their time and really drive them bat shit.  Check and see what we did to “Flore” of the Benign Republic.  We wasted months of her time, called her up in the middle of the night and she wound up with nothing.  Except maybe a lesson.  I don’t see her adding friends anymore on Facebook.  Now it is entirely possible she is using a different name and tried again but I doubt.  She seemed pretty new to romance scamming and we wasted hours of her time and efforts.  I consider us vigilante justice.  I can’t bring you to justice but I can drive you crazy.  As a side effect we get to entertain listeners. 

Now I have a new “love.”  I don’t look for these people, they find me.  Most of the times I think they use dating services but they find me on facebook.  I’m not going to go in great detail here about how this works.  I plan on writing a book about this.  Anyway my new girlfriend is using the picture of a model/porn star.  A lot of scammers from Ghana use this model’s image.  Her name is Yuliana Love.  You can do your own research on this topic, listen to my podcast, or wait for the book.  Anyway, 20/20 did the segment.  One of the people they profiled was the son of a man who fell victim to somebody using Yuliana’s pictures.  The father went broke to the tune of $50,000 and then killed himself when his love did not show up as planned on a flight.  20/20 interviewed Yuliana.  The son met Yuliana.  For some reason Yuliana did not seem credible to either, me, Pip, or Joe.  I had no reason to doubt her but yet we all felt like she was somehow involved.

Now a lot of the pictures that are used by these scammers are model shots of Yuliana.  They are easy enough to steal and do what you want with.  My “girlfriend” has sent me photos that are nowhere on the internet.  Pictures with not only Yuliana’s son but with other people’s kids.  Pictures that should not be on the internet anywhere.

Anyway, initially I went to Yuliana’s website and emailed her and let her know I was scamming a scammer using her image and wanted to know if she wanted to help to get just a touch of revenge.  No response.  I then emailed her and let her know that I had pictures of her with children and that something should be done and to please contact me.  No response.  Now it is entirely possible she is sick of these people using her image but when somebody tells you there are children involved wouldn’t you at least email a response?  I used my real name.  I am very easy to find on the internet.

On her site it says if you would like to see images or videos of her naked email her and if she excepts you can Western Union her the money.  Who uses Western Union in the United States?  It is either check, credit, or PayPal.  You know who uses Western Union…the scammers of Africa.

I had a long IM chat with my “girlfriend” on Sunday.  She had been asking to do a video chat with me.  Finally I agreed and said let’s aim for Monday or Tuesday.  She no longer logs into FB very often.  We do email sporadically but she is not available like she was.  It is entirely possible that she is now working somebody who is much easier to deal with then me.  Somebody who believes her and she is emptying their back account and stealing their love as I type this.

Here is the thing that makes me think somebody is watching or paying attention to me.  My podcast, Davin’s Den aired Tuesday night.  We teased the discussion about my new “girlfriend” and discussed it on the non-live portion of the show. We repeatedly referred to the fine reporting 20/20 did on this topic. Tueday’s show went online last night.  Yesterday the 20/20 episode was still available.

Today it is not.  Am I crazy?  Well of course I am.  That being said, I just get this feeling that Yuliana Love is in on these scams and for some reason 20/20 pulled the show.  It happened after I, Joe, & Pip all said on air that she is not believable and something is not right.  Listen to the last podcast and you decide for yourself.

Yuliana, hit me up…maybe we can fall in love.  Sure, I have the money you need sweetheart.

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