I KNOW WHAT I SAW – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

We will be speaking to Amanda the physic on our show in regards to if our dearly departed are trying to reach out to us after they are gone. I am fascinated by this as believe they do.

My dad committed suicide when I was six and I was the last to see him alive. My father was also an atheist but a very loving man to me.

One day soon after he died I was playing out in the backyard and I looked in the sky and I saw a cloud in the shape of a cross and it said Dad. I ran in the house and told my Mother who thought I was nuts, and who is going to believe a six year old kid. As a mature adult I still stand by what I saw.

One day I asked my Mom randomly that when she died if she could you give me a sign from the other side. In typical Mom response she said she didn’t have the time for such nonsense. I told her its eternity what else does she have to do? I believe she made the time.

On my wedding day (a day that I should of just gone to the beach but that’s another blog)  I was in the house waiting for my Groomsmen to show up and I am all alone. I said “Mom, if there was any day that I would want you to show me a sign you are here it would be today”. Experts in paranormal say that the departed contacting us can effect electrical signals. Five minutes after I asked the TV was full of static, it never happened before or after and I am fully convinced it was her.

I was at my parent’s grave paying my respects for Easter, if you are a fan of the show you know that I am in the process of getting a divorce. One of the main things up for grabs is the home I inherited from my parents. I feel awful to lose any of it in the divorce as my Father sacrificed his life to stay there and My Mom basically worked until her dying day to stay there as well. I was at the grave site I was saying a prayer to them that they could help me from beyond to keep the house, and that they would also understand if I lost a portion of what they worked so hard for.

It was a cloudy morning and all of a sudden the sun came out and shined in my face and it was an overwhelming feeling of support and peace. It may have been a weather system going by, but I am totally convinced it was them.

Another incident was when I was working a gig in at a hotel in Scranton, PA. Besides being a comic, the headliner was also a physic medium.  After  the show , the staff at the bar ask her to come up to one of the rooms and see if she could reach out to a person that died in one of the rooms the week before. I tagged along as I was intrigued.

The physic used to metal rods that she held in her hand. When she asked the spirit a question the rod would move without her hands moving. I thought Okay it’s a carnival trick. The physic then gave the rods to the Bar manager to hold in her hands and when the physic asked the spirit questions the rods moved in her hands as well and it made me a believer.

I am a very reasonable and logical person but in all these instances I know what I saw.    

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