I refused to swap plane seats so a mom could sit with toddler: ‘Hell to the f–k no’

An angry traveler has shared their frustrations over a woman who had “the audacity” to request a seat swap so she could sit next to her kid.

In a resurfaced Reddit post now going viral, the flummoxed flyer said it was “not my problem they didn’t book together” when asked to switch seats.

I’m with this person, this woman was part of a tour group and could have made the arrangements with them. Why does he have to give up a premium window seat because she did not plan.

This person has to be inconvenienced because of this woman’s incompetence and she did not have the common sense to check her ticket and her child’s ticket. She could have checked the seats while at home and if there was a problem, she could of have resolved it with the airline or the tour group before she ever got to the airport.

You go through enough before you get on the plane, TSA ransacking your stuff. Hopping on one foot while you’re trying to put your other shoe on because some asshole tried to blow up a plane with a pair of loafers.

You then have to wait on line and you are then boarded to your ranking in society.

You get on the plane and have to wade past people that are trying to fit enough shit for a world-wide expedition into the overhead while you are praying, they don’t take your overhead space by the time you get to it.

And you finally sit down after all of this and this woman comes up to you and makes her situation your problem. No way sorry.

It’s just another problem with people inconveniencing others with their stupidity. We did a story several month’s ago of a restaurant not allowing young kids in anymore because peoples meals were ruined by kids being unruly and parents not caring because they want a night out even if it ruins others.

I have, and we all need to start shaming the stupid and inconsiderate. The person at the dollar store in front of me that buys enough balloons for the Thanksgiving Day parade and decides which ones they want when they are at the check-out. You know I’ll help pick one out for you. Where is the balloon that says fuck you on it.

How about the asshole at the supermarket that doesn’t want to check out on the regular check out line but goes in front of you on the self-checkout line with enough food to feed a small nation. Oh, the line is long there, well what do think it is now that I’m behind you, you asshole!!!

When you just want to buy the paper and you have the asshole that has to play very lottery game known to man. (Yes, Davin I know it’s one of my old jokes but it fits).

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