I’M BEING PUNISHED – By Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

Yeah, that’s right I am being punished, by whom you say, The Show? The club? The wife during my current marital situation?

Well the answer would be yes to all three at some certain point in my life but today I am being punished by EZpass, yes EZpass they have suspended my tag for two months for excessive speeding through the tolls.

With what they charge of course I am going to speed through them, has anybody ever slowed down and took their time being raped. I spend over three thousand dollars a year on tolls and they are sending me to my room without dinner or in this case through a toll plaza without a tag.

Now when I mentioned this on our show, Davin (or Captain Goody Two Shoes) was under the contention that I should be punished because I shouldn’t speed through the tolls. Really!! , you know how many road trips I’ve been on with stupid driving and I have never seen him once saunter through a toll.

When you have the EZpass it’s great, you just zip through the tolls while you watch the dregs of society wait on line to pay cash.

Well when they make you a dreg it’s not so much fun anymore. You feel like you jumped in a time machine and went into the eighteen hundreds .New York rush hour traffic is one of the worse in the country and adding twenty minutes plus at each toll which When I am on the way to a show or a gig is infuriating.

Now after the wait let’s meet the charming people at the booth ,they look they were on a set of a rap video, still cranking the music from it in their booth ,they wear rubber gloves like you are filth  and are generally nasty ,and NEVER EVER say thank you after you hand them fifteen dollars.

Could you imagine any person working at a service business with an attitude and  not even saying thank you after you pay them regardless of the price, that person would be fired and if not that establishment would go out of business. But the MTA does not work this way, it is controlled by the unions that pay these self entitled douche bag toll collectors a large salary and no chance of them ever being fired.

These pieces of garbage have a job that can replace them by a three by four inch piece of plastic. If this were me, I would be shaking hands and blowing kisses at everyone coming by my booth.

The only reason they don’t get fired as they need them to get cash from morons like me when we are punished

The Politicians will never do anything about the unions because they are in bed with them .If you noticed the George Washington Bridge scandal or Bridgegate as they call it. The politicians were either trying to damn or defend Governor Christie over it but not one of these clowns EVER fought the MTA over raising the tolls. They can join the toll takers in hell as far as I am concerned.

I have also discovered that I will never play for the Knicks as I have been three for ten on throwing coins in the receptacle on The Garden State Parkway. I will probably be getting a letter from them soon too.  

Also in the mix of all this fun is the Bear Mountain Bridge where they have no toll takers at all and you have to feed money into a machine like you are in a peep booth on forty second street with some impatient asshole honking behind you because you can’t find a five .

After all this what have I learned?? When I get my tag restored at the end of April I will be in a rush, running late for something and going through the tolls at two miles an hour because I’m not going through this again. 

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