An unknown former model is the only named plaintiff in a 1.5 billion…yes billion with a B…class action suit against and the media can’t wait to splash her picture and the headlines across their paper, television, or website.  Nobody questions motive.  Nobody questions veracity.  It is just a rush to put the press release from Ms. Avalos’ attorney out there into the ethos.  Fine.  I get that.  Sex sells and to many she is sexy and nobody can ignore 1.5 Billion dollars.  After that initial media hard on how come nobody investigates who Ms. Avalos really is?  She is very easy to find.  The girl and her boyfriend seek attention.  It is their life blood.  How else could you explain the many postings on You Tube and Face Book of their trips to the food store, or the mechanic, or gardening, or bike rides, etc.  You get the point.  The fact of the matter is Ms. Avalos is very popular as an avatar with the African scammers.  But why her?  They usually choose porn stars or soldiers.  Yet her avatar popped up on my screen last year and it has for thousands of others.  In her avatars wake lies a trail of heart break and financial ruin. Yet the media refuses to dig.

How come the interview she conducted in 2011 on ABC’s 20/20 was removed in 2012 suddenly?  Could it be because ABC got sued and lost due to slander for another story about cyber crime in that same  June 24, 2011 episode.  It seems in a rush to get to air ABC forgot to get all the facts.  The reporter who interviewed Ms. Avalos is the same reporter who got sued in the other story for ABC on that episode.  We thought there was something wrong the first time we saw Ms. Avalos be interviewed about the death of a Yonkers, NY man over her picture.  She did not seem moved.  It was inauthentic.  Go watch some of her videos online.  The poor girl is a lousy actress.  Go look quickly because the videos are coming down.  The process has begun.  As for investigative reporting, well we just saw CBS put one of their 60 Minutes journalists on leave for airing an inaccurate report on Benghazi.  Ahh yes, the rush of getting the story surpassed the quest to get facts.  Worse yet a few years back was the New York Times writer who made things up and published them for public consumption.

How come nobody questions why the attorney has this case splashed on the front of his website?  Isn’t that a bit odd?  Shouldn’t the focus be on the “victims” and not publicity for this attorney?  Maybe this is all just a marketing ploy.

How come the media does not want to talk to us with a few exceptions?  We have been watching and reporting on Ms Avalos or formerly Julie Love or Yuliana Love since 2012.  We have the audio trail.  We have the paper trail. We call these media outlets and they show little interest on getting the other side of the story.  The fact of the matter is we have proof Ms. Avalos and her boyfriend took money from scammers.  He admitted it twice and we have the proof.  Why don’t they want the truth to come out?  If I am lying I will get sued.  If I am lying my career is over.  My connections dry up.  Still with all of that on the line I say put me on the air and I will sign my name to it.  Is it apathy?  Is it laziness?  I can tell you when I talk to the reporters they know nothing about the case other then the press release.  Every time I talk with them I am educating them.  They have no curiosity.  When we give them links to listen to they ask which link.  I did all of my research and it is not even my job.

This is not a left wing vs right wing thing.  Fox News reported it and we contacted them and they showed no interest.  Other more left media sources are doing nothing as well.  Investigative journalism in this country is dead.  Maybe that is why nobody buys a news paper anymore.  There is no journalism.  It is sad that if you want investigative reporting you need to go to a music magazine like Rolling Stone.

The media would rather report on a fat person getting sawed out of a house, or a vitamin C bath, or the line to buy the new I Phone.  This just happens to be my struggle to get the word out.  Really it isn’t even my struggle because I have never been scammed.  This is not my fight.  I am just being the mouth piece for people who have been fighting scammers before I ever was.  So this is our cause.  What happens when there is a cause that you know is important?  Will you be able to go to the press? 

As for me, well there is no way I can sit back and let a person who has admitted to taking money from scammers play the victim and collect.  I have the proof.  How did I get it?  I investigated and researched.  We will continue to work to get the public the truth. Tune in next Tuesday on Davin’s Den and we will fill you in.

  1. Steve Brenner says:

    Either Julia or Craig or some one posing as Julia scammed me for $30,000

    1. Davin Rosenblatt says:

      I am sorry to hear that. It is most likely someone posing as her but they have scammed people. Where did you send the money? If it was Africa it was an imposter. If it was to Florida there is a chance it was Craig or Yuliana. If that is the case I may be able to help you figure it out.

      If you wish to discuss this in private you can message me at

  2. Gary Jordan says:

    I have a question for you Mr. Rosenblatt and perhaps you have knowledge. About 6 months ago on Instagram, someone by the name of Yuliana Avalos Brooks contacted me there interested in friendship. Having NO IDEA who this person WAS, I took the chance to correspond with them. I have a fascinating story to tell which also involves me emailing the attorney Evan Spencer of New York about the 1.5 (B) Billion $ lawsuit if you would care to hear the details sir in private email correspondence.

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