Is Davin’s Den the show that ABC’s 20/20 and the scammers don’t want you to know about? (Joe Currie Explains)

Are we on to something??:

Last week on Davin’s Den we were discussing the latest exploits of Davin and his new Face Book Friend Agnes who’s love for him is growing by the day. (if you remember my last blog he only slipped and showed his emotions once this time).

As her love for him has grown by the day, the time has come for her to ask him for money.As we were dealing on how money can get in the way of love we brought up, and discussed story on 20/20 on internet scams.

The 20/20 story was fascinating and added a whole new dynamic as it was dealing with people that have been scammed in the same fashion that we have dealing with for the past three months. This expose also showed the people behind the scenes of these scams especially somebody that looks very familiar to our part of the story,seeing this we called out that there is a key piece of the story that 20/20 may have missed and should be alerted to.

We brought up on the show as well as after we were done on contacting 20/20 and pointing out our findings.

We had a contact call ABC to find the segment producer and discuus our findings, after getting the run around not only did he not get the producer he was told that the episode had been pulled for UNSPECIFIED REASONS.

We have also discovered that we have lost contact with some of our face book friends.

We will be discussing this on Davin’s Den which will be live from the compound for a special Monday July 23rd night show.Go to and follow the links. do not miss this show as we are on to somthing here.

In the mean time petition 20/20 on what happened to episode 45 from season 31.

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