IS JOE CURRIE GETTING SOFT??? – Joe Currie (Davin’s Den)

As I am getting older I find myself getting softer. If you know me I curse, drink, tell dirty jokes, and smoke Cigars, well I used to smoke Cigars, and I just gave them up for health reasons.

But none the less I am turning into to Deniro from analyze this.

I was talking to an old friend and as we were bringing up a situation or old story I would start to tear up. What’s wrong with me?

I was at a wedding; the groom was the son of a long time friend. I watched this man who is now a Marine get married to his beautiful young bride. And I thought back to when he was eight and I would play army men with him when his Mom would bring him into work.

When I saw his Mom after the ceremony we embraced and I started to break down. What is wrong with me?

 I also have a very soft spot for Animals. I have my list of my babies which are my friends pets and would consist of three dogs, two Bengal cats, one tabby cat, and a Horse. I go nuts when I see them and gush and hug and kiss them, ask them “who’s tail is that?” and call them my babies. What’s wrong with me?  

I have also written Animal Planet to take off Too Cute that show puppies and Kittens because their adorable and I can’t handle it

As I try to analyze the situation I believe it would be from my emotions being beat with a shovel for the past two years , I also guess it would stem from getting older and experiencing the good and bad life has to offer.

Now there is a lot of tear jerking things that I watch and sit there and go Yuucch.

But those things above got to me.

I am trying to keep my wits about myself but it is getting tougher by the day.

I was playing a new song called Pain from the country Dou Big & Rich.

The song reminds of some one very special and while I was listening to it coming back from a gig, doing eighty , in the middle lane of the Connecticut turnpike I started to tear up. What’s wrong with me?

I keep asking what’s wrong with me. A lot of people have hurt other people by lack of emotion and if I can let mine out in a positive way,, what’s wrong with me ? Not a damned thing.

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