A third-grade pupil in Mississippi was robbed of her First Amendment rights when her school forced her to take off a mask that said “Jesus Loves Me,” a new lawsuit claims.

Lydia Booth, 9, was ordered by her principal to remove the mask Oct. 13 at Simpson Central Elementary School in Pinola — claiming that it went against district policy, news station WLBT reported.

The school later issued a statement banning any mask that displays “political, religious, sexual or any inappropriate symbols, gestures or statements that may be offensive, disruptive or deemed distractive to the school environment.”

The school is wrong as they claim it went against their policy. The mask says Jesus loves me, not you. For that simple statement it is her feeling of being loved and not her opinion that Jesus loves someone else which is then a proclamation of a belief being bestowed on someone else.

 The school needs to explain how “Jesus loves me” is offensive”, no rational thinking person would think it would be.

The school would also have to explain on what grounds would the mask disrupt, or distract the school environment.

It is another knee jerk reaction by a school that has a zero-tolerance policy which does not take situations in a case by case situation.

If the pupil wore a “Satan loves me mask” that issue would be rational as the community standards would generally state that Satan is evil, an in this case it would be offensive, disruptive, and distractive.

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