My partner Davin has been having a fling with African women on our show
for the past several months on a bit we do calling out scammers on
Facebook that want to get money from lonely men–Who better than
Davin,cause frankly he fits the profile.

At first I was skeptical about this bit, however as we progessd the
back story got interesting especially when in certain moments Davin’s
voice and demeaner would change when his beloved Flore would tell him
that She loved him,and can’t live with out him and how special he is

There was trouble when Davin did not send $426.00 for her cell phone,
and cable bill that she requested to keep thier love alive. He seemed
visably upset when she Facebooked him “” you no a good man, you need to
be go away from be my life””.(She dosen’t need cable folks she needs
grammar).but any way you could tell he was having his moments of
weakness when she would talk of their new life together,of them being
together,watching cable and talking on the cell phone after she gets
the $426.00.

One show we actually called her in the Benin republic and even though
it was a bit, he was taken aback when she did not know who he was.

As the Months past between Draccmas,Yaks,and gunfire( listen to the
replays folks) the bit was coming to it’s conclusion.

Now apparently Davin has a new love Agnes,( yes I know these sensual
names can drag a guy in) as we have been treated to these new
Transcripts of how she has a kid, and about her struggles, he stopped
for a momment and wondered if we are doing the right thing,”‘SHE’S
RUNNING A SCAM STUPID” . we finished the story and did two more unrelated
stories after it ,as we were moving to the third he stops,and shows us
a picture of Agnes on facebook to show how pretty she is.

When I pointed out that he is showing emotion during these dealings
with these women he got pissed and told me he was using his acting
skills to keep the story convincing to them.
1) People get pissed when they get called out on things,and do not have
a rational answer.
2) Davin has the acting skills of an Anvil.
3) Davin is convincing as Jerrry Sandusky running a boy’s club.

So tune in to Davin’s 6:30 PM to 9:30 pm Tuesday to see if Davin is getting sucked in by his own devices you be the judgse and let us know on our Davin’s Den facebook page.

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