Joe Currie Remembers his Mom (Davin’s Den)

When it comes to blogs it could be something for the show or about something in one of our lives
this will probably be both.

On August 19th I will remember an anniversary I would like to forget, but let us look way back shant we.

When I was a little kid I remember thinking at six years old how good things were, I lived in a nice house, had a good dad, a great Mom, and a big dog named Sam. Then one day my dad and Sam were gone ,and it was my mother and I against the World..My Mother had to go out immediately to work to make ends meet and to keep us in the house that she wanted me to be raised in and which I am still in till this day.

She commuted thirty years every day to New York City from long Island , a commute that I was only able to tolerate for two summers working with her as a teenager. Mom would come home and then be a Mother and a Father to me.  She had to work all the time or run errands on the weekend so she could not attend my school plays, or baseball games but I always knew that she wanted to be there and I always new I was loved. I remember the time I was doing standup at the YDA show at thirteen and she made it to the show and I looked out and saw her smiling at me. I performed in front of two thousand people at NYCB Theater last year and it could not beat that moment when I was a kid.

She thought she knew everything and damn it all she did. As an accomplished pianist she instructed me on music, and we also shared our love of Tony Banks and Genesis together.  When it came to comedy she would help me construct a joke, and also mention that I was funny but That Adam Ferarra he is really funny (okay Mom I got it). When it came to life she had the advice that was always the right choice and directed me through a lot of difficult times.

In June 1992 my mom retired and I told her how happy I was that she could now take it easy. I was just wrapping up my final semester in college and she said she had one last task in life and that was to see me finish School.

I received my college degree on August 5th, Mom died after only a month and a half of retirement on August 19th.

This Sunday will mark twenty years since I lost my Mentor, my Hero, the go to person for anything in my life.

It will also be the reminder of how we live our lives. My Mom worked like a dog for thirty years and only enjoyed retirement for roughly two months

I remember telling My older half Brother John at the time, that the next chapter of my life starts now which it did, I met my wife Joanne four months after my mother passed, and I still have regrets that two of the most important women in my life never met each other.

The other regret I have is I run my life the way my mom did; a slave to the same house, no time for a vacation and work like a dog.

But such is life, and such is death.

If I decide to discuss this on Chit Chat that will be remain to be seen

Rest in peace Donna Currie, you were one of a kind and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.

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