Joe Currie’s Apology to Davin (Davin’s Den)

I apologize to Davin.

This statement alone makes me cringe and want to jump in a wood chipper but it has to be done.

A month ago or so I wrote a blog how Davin was getting sucked in with the internet scammers we have been screwing around with, where for a moment you slip away from the bit and get a personal connection with these alleged people.

Two weeks ago, Davin set me up with one of the alleged girls to correspond with. I started my first email to my girl Mavis at 10:00 at night. I was not thrilled because I was tired it was a long day, and all I just wanted to do was go to bed. By the third paragraph I was hooked as I was actively bullshitting a bullshitter.  My name is Dick Eldorado,I have a cat his name is Mr. Whiskers, my wife was killed in a freak accident, absolute horseshit and loving every minute of it.

Mavis emailed me back and made a huge mistake and said her name was Rita ( I believe this was because Davin, and Pip had her so overwhelmed with their nonsense to her?, him whatever).

Mavis wrote me back and to cover her mistake said her nick name was Senior Rita. I then forgave her and wrote five lines of the most putrid poetry ever created on her nick name Senior Rita.

In her latest email she is growing impatient that I have not sent her a picture of me, back off bitch you will get your picture when I get done with Goggle images.

Well besides classic cars it looks like I have a new hobby so check out the show, our blogs ,our replays and check out the progression in our new and exciting relationships.

Yours truly

Dick Eldorado

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