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Goodbye 2012 hello 2013


As Davin is working in paradise, I have the task of writing the blog for the show. Personally I hope stupid gets attacked by a Dolphin while Pip and I are freezing here back home.
Anyway the thought of “what am I going to write about” starts every blog we do, some we know right off the bat, some it takes some time to find out, and then there is the one that is staring you in the face. 
This Blog starts at twelve midnight New Years Eve at the Compound   I am hammered as usual on Jack Daniels and Budweiser. As the clock struck twelve everybody is yelling Happy New Year and hugging and Kissing and I am standing alone with a look on my face like I am on line at the Motor Vehicle office.
To explain this Let me start at the same spot the year before. I was so excited for 2012 I am on a great radio Pod cast, I finally signed a record deal with a band that was going on tour in the spring, I was also co hosting  a special New Years Eve Live from the compound show with Anthony as well. Outside the studio   my wife Joanne is partying with the other guests, 2012 is the year things that I worked hard for and sacrificed for were finally going to come to fruition.
In February the deal with the band fell through and everything dropped like a house of cards I still remained with the band to honor our commitments and help rebuild it only to put unceremoniously to the side with no explanation in August. This was not fun as I had not booked any comedy gigs in the beginning of the year and had to scramble to find work.
I muddled along in this disappointing year and then came December. Due to Davin’s travel Schedule and the holidays we had to do back to back shows and prerecords and the work load was brutal but successful .As soon as we were done I had to go immediately in to Rotgut rehearsals which was a success as well. Add the Santa Clause gigs and all the Travel and prep work for it and seeing these beautiful Children all happy knowing that some Monster could muster the evil to kill children at the Sandy Hook School in the beginning of the month.
With all of this going on I was also moving and acting on things out of my character but in my heart very necessary all the while pushing my wife away from me to the extent we did not spend Christmas or New Years together ,,New Years which was the twentieth anniversary of our first date. I was an emotional and physical wreck and there I stood on New Year’s Eve Alone, Alone with my good friends around and I was alone.
This moment in the middle of a very festive situation was the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I spent all day in bed on New Year’s Day. The deal is that I brought all this on myself and I should be smacked with a shovel getting myself here in the first place.
Bad year really Stupid really, You are on a great radio pod cast with only good things ahead, Rotgut is back playing more than we have in fifteen years, Davin and I went out on the road for the first time in a while and had a blast, and I got to spend time in a place I have wanted to be for four years. Was it a bad year Stupid really was it?? Parents just lost their children, people lost everything in Hurricane Sandy in fact while I was in the middle of writing this blog I spoke to the girl I dated in high School and her husband was injured and is out on disability and doesn’t know when he can get back to work  THE PITY PARTY IS NOW OVER I AM DONE.
To start lets close out 2012, I want to thank John at Governor’s, Denise at Bananas, Dino at Uncle Vinnie’s, our own Davin at Sidesplitting Productions and yes Bix for getting my calendar back together after the band broke up. I want to thank Don at Platsky for letting me skate early allowing me to get to our show on time. I also want to thank Anthony for the compound studio and your guidance. I want to thank Joe Buck as well for getting the Gut rolling again. And last but not least I want to wish Janine good luck on her move, you will be missed and your bravery and determination to take a chance to follow your dreams is an inspiration to me to follow mine.
Now for 2013, I promise I will not end 2013 the way I ended 2012.I promise Davin and Pip to be the best partner they can have. I promise Marc at Governor’s to rise to the challenge he offered. I promise Joanne to be a better person. I promise Cammy that we will finish the play this year. To Mavis I promise to be a better scamming victim, and I promise the listeners of Davin’s Den  to give you the best damn radio show on the internet.
Happy New Year.

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