There are sometimes it is so frustrating to live in a free country, yet still have to deal with religious folk and their rules. This week, we are talking about a story where a Mom sends her kids to Catholic school, and makes money posing in sexy pictures on a website.  The boys get thrown out of school because of the mom’s work.
There is nothing illegal in what the woman is doing. She said she was trying to spice up her love life with her husband, and then actually got a bunch of followers. Now, she is making a lot of money to support her family, and her photos aren’t even pornographic, like a lot of the photos on that particular site.
If it wasn’t for one of the fathers of a kid at school looking through the site and stumbling upon her photos, no one would have been the wiser. And while no one seemed to have a problem with this guy trolling for porn on the site, a bunch of yenta moms from the school went bananas over the sexy mom’s page, and demanded that her kids be expelled.
Why did the kids have to be punished? What difference did it make to anyone there what this mom posted? There’s no talk of the school having rules specifically against it, and it just seems like a bunch of judgmental jerks pushing their agenda.
Now, the rub is that since it’s a Catholic school, they are allowed to be narrow minded about what the parents do outside of school. If this was a public school,  the boys would not be expelled on the grounds of what their parent does completely apart for the school. That’s not to say that some PTA moms and dads could resist gossiping about her. They sure would. But the kids would be able to stay in school.
It just seems hypocritical that the women formed a cabal to get the kids expelled for the mom doing sexy pics, and the guy who found her pics in the first place, obviously looking for porn, is not held to the same standard. Also, whatever happened to letting their G-d be the judge? Judge not, least ye be judged.

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