KC gun range owners defend dress policy after refusing to let Muslim woman wear hijab

Owners of a Kansas City area gun range accused of discriminating against a Muslim woman by not allowing her to shoot while wearing her hijab say the business will not apologize for its safety policy.

A statement issued by Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit on Wednesday said the sporting venue created its dress code upon its opening in 2015 and the business stands firm that its policies are not discriminatory. Concerning the wearing of a hijab, the statement presents a possible scenario in which the hot brass shell casing discharged from a firearm could wind up trapped in cloth and lead to someone being accidentally shot on the range.

I stand with this; the range is correct. Many fire arms used at ranges kick off hot brass casings in fact some manufactures offer side mounts to catch the casings.

If someone is shooting it takes just a split second for hot metal to be captured on a hijab or any other garment that is around the head and chest and in a split second some one is wounded or dead.

Some may be of the contention it is this women’s religious freedom. This is a case of safety protocol over a freedom. For example, if a station wagon full of nuns rolled up and wanted to blast off some rounds, they would have would have to take their habits off in the name of safety.

You should never have to apologize for safety. This is not a restaurant, a gym, or a theater. This is a place where safety must be respected every minute because as soon as you bow to someone, or relax a protocol the risk of injury or death compounds exponentially.

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